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Laser Treatment for Scars

Though laser treatment for removing scars might not be cheap, it's definitely the most effective solution. Read more to know what are the best treatments that you can opt for...
Pushpa Duddukuri
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
"Children show scars like medals. Lovers use them as secrets to reveal. A scar is what happens when the word is made flesh."- Leonard Cohen
Not every scar can be shown off as a medal nor does every scar reveals secrets. There are scars which are meant to be hidden, away from the staring eyes of the world. I am sure that this is how every man and woman who has a scar on their body feels. When a small zit can make you self-conscious, one can only imagine what a scar does to people. You are constantly aware of it. Not only that, it also dents your self-esteem. Even though you would want to ignore it, you just can't. For such people, there are alternatives for getting rid of scars. Laser treatment has given new hopes to people who suffer from the misfortune of having scars on face or any other part of their body.
Identifying The Scar
It is advised to know what kind of scar you have. Dermatologists differentiate scars on the basis of its color, texture, or even size.
Keloid Scar: This scar causes itchiness and can be painful upon touching, and is usually a result of injury. Our skin can, sometimes be overactive in healing the injurious part of the body. Hence, it makes a thick scar tissue which does not heal over time. Burn injuries, piercings or even acne can lead to keloid scars.
Contracture Scar: Burn victims are afflicted by this kind of scars as burning causes the skin to tighten, thus resulting in disfigured skin. Often, the scar goes beyond the damage exterior tissue, and may damage the muscles as well.
Hypertrophic Scar: Although similar in appearance to keloid scars, it does improve with time. Surgical marks, some burn marks or wound tissue can be classified under the hypertonic scars category.
Acne Scar: Acne pits can be deep but its effect on a person's psyche can be deeper. Sometimes, severe acne can leave scars that may not be deep but look like a waves or are angular shaped.
Laser Treatment for Skin Abrasions
You must have heard of numerous gels, ointments and creams that claim to eliminate the stubborn scars from your body. But if you are tired of such tall claims and want solution which will actually make you better instead of only burning a hole in your pockets, you can go ahead and discuss various laser treatment of scars with your dermatologist. Over the years, laser technology has achieved new heights in treating scars and skin abrasions. There are quite many methods of laser therapy available but the most effective treatment are given mentioned below:
Carbon Dioxide Laser
Nowadays, it is known as carbon dioxide laser resurfacing or just laser skin resurfacing. This procedure is done with use of ultra-pulsed beams on the affected area which help to remove the damaged skin and reducing scar tissue. Not only scars but also wrinkles, birth marks, warts, and even enlarged oil glands can be gotten rid of with this treatment option.
YAG Laser
It is a popular laser treatment for scars left as a result of severe acne. According to studies, the pitted acne scars are effectively and successively treated with the use of short pulsed laser beams. This laser technology is also being used in the hair removal process and correcting spider vein problems.
Intense Pulse Light (IPL)
Another option of laser treatment for facial scars is intense pulse light. Cheap and effective, IPL treatment has done wonders in the niche of hair removal treatment. This laser technology can also be used for curing sun damaged skin, correcting broken capillaries and for removing birth marks.
Fractional CO2 Laser
This treatment is considered safer than other kind of laser procedures as only a fraction of the skin is resurfaced. This leads to faster healing and causes less discomfort to the patient. The laser beam penetrates the affected skin and stimulates collagen regeneration which results in new improved skin.
Pulsed Dye Laser
Hypertrophic epidermal tissues are treated with this laser treatment for scars. This is done with the use of flash-lamp which emits laser beams pertaining to a specific wavelength. Problems like warts, spider veins and birthmarks can also be improved with this non-abrasive laser treatment. Laser therapy for scars on legs or any other tough skin part can be easily performed as this treatment only causes a minor stinging pain and redness.
CO2 and Er. YAG Laser
Carbon dioxide has become popular in skin resurfacing treatment. In this procedure, erbium laser removes the uppermost layers of damaged skin (due to aging as well as scarring) and promote new skin growth. With the combination of CO2 and Er. YAG, you can also get rid of skin discolorations, surface scars and wrinkles. The result is somewhat similar to dermabrasion. However unlike dermabrasion, there is no direct contact with the skin.
Pixel Laser
Another approach which has become quite popular in last few years is pixel laser therapy. This type of treatment is best suited for anyone whose skin heals properly and who is not pregnant. Stimulating collagen generation in the skin, this treatment can even out varied skin tone in the face and also treat sun damaged as well as acne scarred skin. After a session of pixel laser, the treated skin will flake out in a few days' time and the new skin will have relatively less skin problems.
If you are pestered by a nasty scar, then don't be disheartened, as there are numerous ways and options for getting rid of it. In short, laser therapy is said to be an effective and reliable solution for scar removal. But do make sure that you consult your trusted doctor before venturing out to spend hundreds of dollars on any medical treatment.