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Lip Enhancement Aftercare

Lip Enhancement Aftercare

If you or someone you know has recently had a lip enhancement procedure, then you should know that good aftercare is required following the procedure. Here, we shall tell you how to take care of your lips after the treatment.
Sailee Kale
All women want to look beautiful. With the advent of technology, medical procedures have made it easier to achieve that perfect look. Lip enhancement, also called lip augmentation, is just one of them. The market today is flooded with several products and cosmetic procedures that help you to get fuller lips. It also gets rid of visible signs of wrinkles from the area above the upper lips. Lip augmentation or enhancement can either be permanent or temporary. The effects for a temporary procedure can last anywhere between few weeks to over a year. The cost of lip augmentation procedure also varies, depending upon whether it's permanent or not, and what products are used.

The most common visible effects are, bruised or swollen lips, redness, and tenderness. As the lips and the area surrounding them begin to heal, mild flaking and itching can occur. Skin can also become dry for a few days following the procedure. If you have undergone or are planning to undergo enhancement procedure, you should be aware of the aftercare options that are available.

Postoperative Care for Lip Enhancement
  • Immediately after the procedure, avoid touching your lips and mouth for at least 6-8 hours.
  • To ease the discomfort of swelling and tenderness, apply ice packs on your lips. These will numb the area and provide instant cooling relief.
  • For the first 2 days, wash the area with lukewarm water. Do not use soaps or facial cleaners.
  • Using a Q-tip, apply a thin layer of Vaseline or a healing balm to your lips before you begin brushing. This is to minimize the contact between the lips and water. Use moist cotton pads and gently dab the lips if they have become wet after you brush and wash your mouth.
  • Alter your eating habits slightly in the couple of days after the procedure. Use a straw to drink any liquid, and stick to soft foods initially. Have oatmeal, puddings, soup, and yogurt to begin with. Gradually advance to eating pasta, French toast, etc. Don't eat hot, spicy, and salty foods, anything that could irritate the lips.
  • It is normal for the lips to feel itchy. Resist the temptation to scratch, peel, or rub them, as it can cause irritation and scarring.
  • If you are in considerable pain, you can take a pain reliever, preferably acetaminophen. Do not use ibuprofen or aspirin, as their use can increase bruising and bleeding. If the pain persists even after 2-3 days, see your doctor. If your doctor has prescribed you antibiotics, take them without fail. Take your medication after meals to reduce chances of side effects.
  • The week following the procedure, do not wash your face by splashing it with cold water. Use tepid water, and avoid any products like scented creams, soaps, lotions, exfoliating scrubs, etc., on the face. Do not opt for any other cosmetic facial treatments, like waxing, bleaching, and laser hair removal for at least 2 weeks following augmentation or enhancement procedure.
  • Avoid spending too much time in the sun, and if you happen to be outdoors shield your face from the sun by wearing a hat. Do not use sunbaths, saunas, tanning salons, and jacuzzi. Do not swim in chlorinated swimming pools. To be safer, do not swim at all during the postoperative stage.
  • Avoid any strenuous activities that cause excessive perspiration. Stick to light activities that are not very exhausting, and engage in walking that will improve blood circulation. Sleep with your elevated; you can prop yourself up using a couple of pillows under your head.
  • If you are prone to cold sores and ulcers and have previously suffered from them, then inform your doctor about it. Lip augmentation procedures can risk your chances of cold sore eruption.
  • Postoperative healing stage can last anywhere from a week to a month. Keep up a good intake of nutritional diet and vitamin C during this period, to boost your immune system. A suppressed and weakened immune system will prolong the healing process.
Taking care of your lips after the lip augmentation is crucial. If you take good care, pretty soon, you will get that sexy pout you long craved for, and the results will be there for all to see.