Are Epilators Better than Waxing?

They are both methods of removing hair, from the roots. Let's find out in this article if epilation is better than waxing. Read on...
BeautiSecrets Staff
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Women have been associated with beauty since the time Eve walked on Earth. This association though, comes with its fair share of work, expense and sometimes, pain too. One aspect of this beauty is literally skin deep! Body hair on women is considered to be very unseemly and disgusting. Totally unacceptable. (Were you as grossed out as I was, seeing a certain, very famous actress, turn up for a major movie premier, with bushy pits? Eeww...) So yes, our vanity, and I think it is essential, has (to my fascination), actually made a niche in the market for hair removal products. One of the best products available in the market today, is the Epilator. This provides an alternative to waxing, and is a completely non messy process, takes up much less time and can give the same results as waxing. Let's find out whether it really is as good as it sounds.
Epilators : How do they Work?
Epilators are devices with a coiled spring, which pluck hair out from its roots. You just have to roll them over your skin against the direction of hair growth. They come in three different types:
  • Tweezer Type
  • Spring Type
  • Rotating Disc Type
They all do the same job and are effective in plucking hair from the roots, thus delaying regrowth of hair, giving you hair free and smooth skin for as long as 6 weeks. There is no set up, no heating of wax, no mess. Just plug it in and off you go. There are also battery operated epilators in the market, for your convenience. Besides the reduced mess, epilating takes much less time. Once you are used to it, half an hour or forty minutes at the most should give you hair free arms and legs. It's that easy.
Epilating Vs. Waxing
Ease of the Process
Epilating is a much easier process as compared to waxing. It is hassle free since there is no wax to heat, or stickiness and mess to deal with. It does not require any setting up and waiting, unlike waxing where you have to wait till the wax has heated enough to be applied. With an epilator you just have to plug it into a socket and you are ready to start.
Verdict ~ Epilators.
Pain Involved
Some people say that epilation is painful, while others say waxing is equally so. This depends from person to person, and I am not really in a position to tell you how much it will hurt you. When you start off, both are going to be equally painful, because your skin is not used to having hair pulled out of it. But as you keep doing it, you threshold of tolerating pain increases, and after the first few times, you won't find it so painful.
Verdict ~ It is a tie.
Usage Convenience
An epilator is the most convenient way to remove hair. After you are used to it the first couple of times, you can do it very easily even without paying 100% attention to it. There are also battery operated epilators available in the market, and these are great to use while traveling or if you are stuck in situations where you cannot get to a parlor. You do not have to be glued to one place and can catch up on your favorite T.V. program as well. Waxing cannot beat that!
Verdict ~ Epilators.
An epilator can cost as much as a professional waxing costs (or a little more, if you are going for one with added features), but once you buy it there are no additional expenses involved. Whereas, if you are opting for waxing, you will have to spend money every 40 days, which can turn out to be a costly affair in the long term. And waxing at home is too tedious, if you ask me.
Verdict ~ Epilators.
Small and Ingrowing Hair
Waxing cannot remove the very small and fine hair that is there on your body, whereas an epilator can remove every last, tiny hair. That's in favor of Epilators. The in-growth of hair is more when you use an epilator than when you wax. You can exfoliate yourself after epilating to reduce the in-growth of hair. But this one is in favor of waxing, according to me. So that's one in favor of Epilators and one in favor of good old Waxing.
Verdict ~ It's a tie again.
Interval between Usage
When it comes to waxing, you have to wait till the hair have grown a certain length, before you can effectively wax again. But with an epilator, you can use it as frequently as you need to. You don't have to wait for hair to grow to a particular length, and this can be a HUGE BONUS when you have to dress up for unplanned occasions. Just make sure to use an ice pack after using the epilator, to reduce the redness, and if possible use it a day before the occasion.
Verdict ~ Epilators.
Redness/ Rashes on the Skin
Using an epilator can cause swelling if you are using it for your underarms, and cause a rash, or redness on your skin which will take a day to settle down. Whereas with waxing, the chances of this happening are a lot less. To reduce the redness/ swelling/ rashes, use an ice pack after using the epilator. Because of this reason, it is better to epilate on the eve of an occasion, and apply moisturizer after, so that the redness is gone by the next morning.
Verdict ~ Waxing (finally!).
Time Required
Waxing can usually take up to an hour or an hour and half for hands and legs, whereas epilating will be finished in 40 minutes at the most, which saves you a lot of time and efforts. There is no mess, since you don't have to dispose off the messy, sticky waxing strips after you're done.
Verdict ~ Epilators.
So here we are finally... I've tried to cover as many points as possible, to help you decide between the two. Finally, it's up to you. You can try epilation, but stop if you find it too painful, or not suitable for your skin. But before you do try using an epilator, make sure you follow the instructions about the 'before' and 'after' routines to be followed, to avoid any undesired effects/ allergies from occurring. If you think you have sensitive skin, consult a dermatologist before you try anything.