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Benefits of Snail Cream

Benefits of Snail Cream

Snail cream is a skin cream obtained from a snail... sort of. It is the residue or secretions that a snail oozes as it moves. Yes, there is a glaring "ick" factor to this product but using snail cream is beneficial for the skin. Scroll below, to learn more.
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Man has always strived to better his living conditions and social status. Along with health, wealth and technology, the arena of beauty and the products used to maintain a beautiful appearance is another competitive and constantly advancing field. Cleopatra put clay or milk and honey masks to maintain a glowing complexion. Mary, the Queen of the Scots, would bathe in wine to keep her skin glowing and youthful. Catherine de Medici used pigeon dung as a skin restorer for her complexion. And such a trend of trying out the most outrageous things on your face, in an effort to keep looking beautiful, has made its way to the 21st century. The latest and seemingly greatest entry... wait for it... snail cream!

The humble garden snail, Helix Aspersa is found in most gardens and is not just a slimy green cruncher but is also highly versatile in its use. In France, such snails are a culinary delicacy. But lately this snail is used in the production of snail cream. How? The slimy, sticky trail, that this snail leaves as it crawls its way around, is the main ingredient of snail cream. A snail can crawl over any sharp surface like a knife's edge for example, and will not feel a thing, all due to the serum it secretes while moving. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, experimented with snail serum and milk as a possible cure for skin rashes and itches. In the Latino community, snail cream is known as crema de caracol and is a famous beauty product for all sorts of skin-related issues. In this article, the advantages of this product, from using snail cream for stretch marks to using it for scars, are listed below.

What Are the Benefits of Snail Cream?

Can be Used for Skin Inflammations
Red, scratchy and warm areas of the skin are a minor skin irritation problem but still count as obvious marks on the skin. So for such irritation issues, snail cream acts as a soothing, cooling moisturizer and cleanses the inflamed skin area. It gets rid of the redness and reduces the swelling as well. Snail cream is even effective in getting rid of any skin blemishes after the rash has gone away.

Useful for Skin Blemishes
If there was a hate list of beauty problems, blemishes and marks on the skin would be one of the top ranked entries. Snail cream can work wonders on the smallest and largest of skin blemishes. It seeps into your skin and reawakens dormant natural healing properties of your skin. Damaged cells are rejuvenated and the body once again tries repairing the damaged area. The following are some skin blemishes, snail cream is effective against:
  • Stretch marks from pregnancy or from lost weight can be removed or at least their extent is reduced through a regular application of skin cream.
  • Snail cream is very effective against UV-ray penetration into the skin, which forms sun spots.
  • Acne is formed due to build-up of dirt and bacteria which clogs up the skin's pores. Snail cream can help the skin release such harmful microbes and open up the pores.
  • Any sort of skin scarring in the form of scars, keloids, birthmarks and birth spots, acne pock marks and scars can be minimized in size or removed completely with the application of snail cream.
Aids with Skin Wounds
Cuts, bruises and burned skin takes time to heal and can be quite painful and sensitive. Snail cream has an anti-inflammatory effect on such skin wounds and reduces the pain and size of swollen bruised flesh. It can be used as a topical anesthetic to be applied on skin burns as it helps in the healing process.

Effective Moisturizer
As a moisturizer, snail cream is neither too oily nor too dry. Whether you have dry, scaly skin patches or just looking for an after-a-shower cream, snail cream is a perfect cream. It revitalizes the skin, so you are left with a glowing, youthful skin tone. Dry cells, which can be damaged or broken skin cells, are repaired and new skin growth is urged. It is even said to be a strong anti-wrinkling agent. It aids in reducing the effects of age on the skin, by boosting the production of collagen and elastin, 2 of the important natural chemicals needed by human skin.

Ease-of-Use and Convenient
Snail cream may seem slimy but for those with greasy and oily complexions, its moisturizing action is just right. It is so minimal in greasiness, that you can apply make-up or sunscreen immediately after using the cream. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, so no sticky residue remains on your face. It will not stain clothes or anything that comes in contact with it and will not react adversely to sunlight. Snail cream is odorless and non-perfumed and has no color either.

All Natural Organic Skin Cream
Some beauty products have enough chemicals to clean the toilet! Though short-term use seems harmless, in the long run, your skin slowly degrades with the use of chemicals on such a delicate organ. Snail cream is made from a completely natural substance, not from the flesh of an animal but rather its secretions. It is made up largely of snail extract and a small percentage of its chemical makeup is various necessary cream ingredients, which help in rendering it pure and filtered. At first the cream was produced by crushing the snail and filtering out the mucus but now the snail is mechanically stressed to secrete its serum in a cruelty-free manner and then set free. This is an animal-friendly way of obtaining a beauty product.

Snail cream, as a beauty product, has been around for quite sometime, especially in South America but it has recently come into under a more international spotlight. Scientists dispute claims of this cream's high rate of effectiveness in resolving skin care problems, citing that there is no conclusive proof. But the public seems to be happy with its results. For most, the only thing detrimental about snail cream is the fact that it's the goo from a snail and one will definitely feel icky and queasy about applying it on one's face. Only time will tell if snail cream remains a favorite or a fad of the skin cream world.