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Lip Plumping Injections

Lip plumping injections are meant to make thin lips, fuller and plumper. This BeautiSecrets article provides some information on getting a perfect pout, if you do not have one.
BeautiSecrets Staff
A major chunk of lip plumping injections include botox injections. These injections are primarily used to tackle the wrinkles. Botox is very effective, if a person is looking out for lines and wrinkle removal. It helps remove the wrinkles on and around the lips, which in turn makes the lips look fuller. Plus, this procedure does not have any after effects such as a lip rash, redness, or other similar reactions. These are a part of what comes under the umbrella of lip augmentation.
Types of Injections
If you do not want to go for botox injections, there are some other types of injections that have been mentioned below:
Artecoll is a synthetic material, which aids in making the lips fuller and bigger. The advantage is that, it works and lasts longer than collagen or fat. However, the flipside is that as it is synthetic, there is a lot of risk of developing an allergic reaction.
Restylane comes in the form of clear gel and has hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the human body. As it comes from our bodies, it does not induce any allergic reaction. Another great aspect of this injection is that it is bio degradable and would be absorbed in the body.
Injections having fascia use a particular type of tissue, which is harvested from the patient's own body or from the body of a deceased human donor. It can be injected or even surgically implanted.
This is extracted from cows and injected in the lips. As there is a chance of an allergic reaction, it is ideal to get a test dose first and then the full dose of collagen injections.
In addition to these, there are dermalogen and autologen injections, which are used for achieving fuller lips.
Other Procedures
The lip plumping procedures are not very complicated or time-consuming. The person can be sent back home within a few hours.
Fat Grafting
This is a very common procedure. A person's fat is injected in the lips for achieving the plumping effect. This method, however varies from individual to individual. As it is the person's own fat, reabsorption of the fat by the body cannot be ruled out.
The sheet of collagen generated by deceased human beings is called alloderm. The surgeon inserts it through tiny incisions made on the inner part of the lip. Being a temporary fix, it lasts for about 12 months.
Local Flap Grafts
This is a surgical procedure that takes tissue from the skin of the inner flap of a patient's mouth. It is considered as the last option, as it is by far the most invasive plumping procedure.
Lip plumping, if not done correctly can have a negative impact on your lips. Instead of enhancing the natural and feminine beauty, it can ruin your looks. Therefore, think twice, whether you really need it and want to go for it.