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Microneedle Rollers: Are They Really Worth It?

Microneedle treatments are a fairly recent anti-aging skin care fad, especially for treating scars and blemishes. A microneedle roller can easily be used at home. However, are these really effective, or is this all just a gimmick which is not worth your time? Let's find out...
BeautiSecrets Staff
Quick Tip!
When purchasing a microneedle roller, one must take care that the materials used in the roller and needles are of a good quality. This is because, poor quality microneedles are often sold masquerading as made of surgical steel. Such counterfeits are not only ineffective, but they also increase the chances of getting a skin infection.
Nowadays, people are willing to try any method of treatment to attain smooth and fresh looking skin. Some of these treatments include botox injections, laser surgeries, and even animal products such as bird poop and snail slime. One of the latest additions to this ever-growing list is the use of microneedle or derma rollers.

For people who have a lot of scars from acne, stretch marks, or have had diseases like chickenpox, treatment requires many visits to the dermatologist. However, most treatments for these conditions do not suit people having dark or tanned skin. In such a situation, a new therapy called microneedling has claimed to minimize wrinkles and scars by pricking the skin with tiny surgical-grade needles, and stimulating the healing process in the skin. While this treatment is offered by all dermatologists, microneedle/derma rollers are also available in the market, which can be used at home. However, the effectiveness of this treatment is still under debate. Let us look at the facts, and review microneedle rollers, to come to a logical conclusion about whether these devices really work.
How Do Microneedle Rollers Work?
A derma roller is a device that is fit with many tiny surgical-grade needles. Rolling the needles over the skin―as per the directions given―with a light pressure, pricks and create minuscule holes in the skin. This allows the ingredients of skin care products such as lotions and creams to penetrate the layers of skin, and improve the skin from within. Also, the pricks of the needles result in a mild inflammation, which leads to the stimulation of the healing mechanism, reducing scars and blemishes in the process.
  • Microneedle rollers have been known to work for all kinds of scars and stretch marks, and although these marks do not disappear completely, one would notice a definite reduction in their visibility.
  • These rollers can improve the texture of the skin by reducing the size of the pores.
  • They help in firming loose and sagging skin.
  • They are believed to significantly increase the effectiveness of topical creams, by allowing them to penetrate deep into the skin.
  • The process stimulates blood circulation near the skin, and increases the production of collagen.
  • It reduces the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It is a treatment that is suitable to all kinds of skin, as high quality derma roller needles are made from non-allergenic metals, which prevent the skin from any reactions.
  • Microneedle rollers work effectively for acne scars, and can reduce them depending on how old or new they are.
  • These can be used on any area of the body, and is a cost-effective option compared to other skin care procedures.
Despite these benefits, derma rollers have been known to have adverse effects as well, and are not approved by the FDA of the United States for home use.
Disadvantages and Side Effects
  • While working with a microneedle roller at home, it is nearly impossible to calibrate the pressure you apply and how deep you want the needles to penetrate. This can damage the skin and make it worse than before because of the absence of a sterile environment at home.
  • Many creams do not need to deeply penetrate the skin to work effectively. In such cases, a derma roller is not needed and can be counterproductive.
  • Due to the inexperience of most users, the risk of over-penetrating the skin is always present. The entry of chemicals from certain lotions and creams in these deep holes can lead to reactions and severe inflammation.
  • Severe inflammation, or regular use of derma rollers over a long period of time can lead to the skin becoming sensitive to all kinds of skin care products, the release of stress hormones, destruction of healthy skin, and reduction in the healing process of the skin.
  • Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, they hurt with various degrees of severity.
All these problems are usually only associated with the home use of a derma roller. However, if you get the microneedle therapy done by a dermatologist, the chances of harming your skin come down significantly, as they know exactly how to use these devices. The bottom line is that, you should stay away from the use of this device, as the risks associated with it are many. However, if you must do it, then get it done from a professional.