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Uses of Corn Huskers Lotion

Uses of Corn Huskers Lotion

Corn Huskers lotion is not a pampering or glamorous beauty treatment, but still more than a basic moisturizer. Due to its multipurpose uses, it is a must for any medicine cabinet. As such, given below are the various uses of Corn Huskers lotion.
Ashmeet Bagga
Avoid using Corn Huskers lotion if you have any type of allergy, open wounds, or sores.

What if you could keep your hands and legs soft, or treat your eczema patches? Although your cupboard must be overflowing with sweet-scented moisturizers that promise to keep your skin youthful forever, they don't do much apart from keeping your skin soft. A lotion is made to provide you with unattainable suppleness. But it will be a win-win situation if your lotion could do more for your skin.

Corn Huskers lotion was produced in the year 1919, for farmers who husked corn. Their bare hands were a victim of the cold, dry air, and rough husks. So, to treat their hands, this oil-free formula was developed. The lotion has an oil-free formula to treat dry, rough, and scaly hands. Don't worry, you don't have to actually shuck corn to use this homemade lotion. It relies heavily on glycerin to make your body soft and glowing. Not only is it famous for its moisturizing properties, but is also used for a variety of skin concerns. Let's have a look.

Corn Huskers Lotion: Uses

As an After Shave Cream
Many men use this lotion as an after shave cream to soothe and comfort the face. Some guys prefer using it before shaving, by massaging it on their face to soften the hair for an easy shave.

To Diminish Fine Lines
Women over 40 vouch for this lotion. Glycerin, being one of its main ingredients, helps retain water in the skin, thereby diminishing any fine lines and wrinkles.

To Prevent Rough and Dry Skin
Primarily, the lotion is applied to treat dry, rough patches, or even on the hands or legs. Emollients are present in this lotion which heal itchy and flaky skin.

To Treat Eczema
Eczema is an ongoing problem for many individuals. Itching not only irritates the skin but it also aggravates the problem more. Though it does not completely eradicate eczema, it does provide some sort of relief.

To Treat Psoriasis
Individuals dealing with psoriasis have a hard time searching for a moisturizer that won't irritate their skin even more. Several people have claimed that, by using Corn Huskers lotion, their skin has started becoming better.

To Prevent Acne
Since it is an oil-free lotion, it can be applied over acne prone skin too. There will certainly be less breakouts, since it has a light texture to it. It is beneficial for those people who tend to acne breakouts a lot.

As far as lotions are concerned, always try them out on a small patch to check if you are allergic to them or not. You need to outweigh the positives with the negatives, to decide for yourself. If the product works for you, then well and good. Otherwise, move on and find an alternative. As simple as that!