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Types of Moisturizing Gloves

No one likes dry, flaky hands that aren't smooth to the touch or silky enough to caress. Dry hands can be caused by a multiple of problems, where it is important to take care of them every day, to keep them supple.
BeautiSecrets Staff
The skin is the largest organ of our bodies, where how it reacts to changes whether internally or externally, is clearly shown in the form of a rash, pimple, infection, and the like. When it comes to the skin on our hands (and feet), certain areas can succumb to skin-hardening and flaking. For those of you who work out without gloves on, you're sure to be familiar with hardened skin that's forms along the upper arch of your palm, from the friction caused from holding weights.
Some of you may even wash dishes regularly, swab floors, wear latex gloves (medical staff), or take part in labor intensive activity that wreaks havoc on your hands. That's where moisturizing gloves come in; they provide lasting hydration to keeps hands moist, flake-free, and soft.
What Are Moisturizing Gloves?
Using a bevy of ingredients, these gloves are either saturated with moisturizing agents, like an essential blend of oils, or come with a gel-lining that gradually supplies one's hands with moisture. The ingredients are usually an aromatic blend of aloe vera, vitamin E oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, lemon butter, or other hydrating agents. Brands like Protecderm provide hands with calming, moisture-rich ingredients that slowly soak into one's hands, leaving it irresistibly soft.
The best way to use these gloves is to moisturize your hands using a rich hand cream, before slipping the gloves on. These can be worn all day long and even overnight (depending on what the brand says), to leave hands replenished and ready to take on any chore, where any trace of damage is taken care of by the moisturizing gloves. For of those of you who'd like to wear the gloves for an extended period of time during the day, without having to worry about taking them off while working, all you need is a pair of cotton gloves.
How to Use Moisturizing Gloves
First, using a body scrub or a homemade concoction comprising a teaspoon of baking soda and a squirt of body shower cream/gel, gently exfoliate your hands, focusing on the flaky, dry spots on the palms and on the back. Then, coat your hands using a good moisturizing cream before slipping the gloves on. You can do the same thing for your feet, using cotton socks to trap moisture. Just be sure that you don't have excessively sweaty feet or hands; the best way to avoid this is to follow the aforementioned skincare routine at the end of each day just before bedtime, and sleeping in a room that is cool with no traces of humidity.