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How to Wax Your Face at Home

Waxing one's facial hair may sound like a crazy thing to do, but it actually isn't. Not only is it a great way to get rid of facial peach fuzz, but it keeps skin smooth for close to 4 weeks. Let's take a look at some easy-to-follow instructions on how to wax your face at home.
BeautiSecrets Staff
Waxing is a popular hair removal technique. While it was previously restricted to women, today there are a number of men who would gladly choose this method for smoother-skin results. If you're worried about it growing back thicker, don't. Removing hair from the roots ensures that it remains scanty for at least 3-4 weeks. We recommend waxing it off for those who have extremely visible facial hair. If you have sensitive skin, no worries―there are certain brands in the market that are specially made for sensitive skin, using calming ingredients that don't leave it blotchy or damaged.
Compared to other methods, waxing doesn't pose as a threat to the skin. Irritation may occur, therefore it is important to do a patch test first on a different area of the body, and see whether a reaction takes place. Don't use a product with harsh ingredients in it except moisturizer, to help soothe freshly waxed skin.
Steps on How to Wax Your Face
Prep Your Skin
A day before you decide to wax your face, exfoliate using half a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of pure honey. Remember to do this every time you decide to wax your face. It allows wax to adhere better to smoothened skin.
Clean Your Face
Splash your face with lukewarm water using a light cleanser to get rid of dirt and oil. Using a soft cloth, pat your face dry before beginning the procedure.
Follow Product Instructions
Always check the product for information on how hot the wax should be before beginning; the last thing you want is facial burns. Once the wax reaches the ideal temperature, use the spatula (if provided) to apply a thin layer of the wax over the desired area of the face. When you perform this method, be sure to do it in a well-lit area. Place a waxing strip over the area, leaving it on for a few seconds depending on what the product says, and then rip it off in one swift move in the reverse direction of hair growth. Don't re-wax an area if you notice stray hair; use a pair of tweezers to get rid of them.
Apply Pressure
Keep a bowl of ice cubes close to you; grab one immediately to help soothe the area that stings post waxing; it helps lessen redness and swelling. After you're done waxing your face, splash cold water on it to get rid of any residual stickiness and apply moisturizer right after.