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Paraffin Wax Treatment

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Paraffin wax treatment is useful for medical purposes as well as for skin care. This article highlights various aspects of paraffin wax therapy.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Paraffin wax treatment has been in use for a long time. Those who have excessive dry skin undergo this treatment to rejuvenate their skin with intense moisturizing. It is also helpful for the treatment of joint pain caused by arthritis. There are many spas that offer this kind of treatment. You can get it at home with the help of a wax kit available in the pharmacies or beauty supply shops. Some of the massage therapists are also trained for providing this treatment.


First of all, the wax is melted at 125° F, in a vat or bathtub. Then the part of the body that needs treatment is dipped into the molten wax so that a thin wax layer is formed on the skin surface. Then, the wax is allowed to dry up. For a double coat, it is dipped into the liquefied wax once again. Then, the coated part is covered with a non-absorbent material. It will help to trap the wax heat inside. This heat has a soothing effect on the arthritis joint pain. It will also help in improving the blood circulation in the specific area, and thus, helps to give a healthy looking skin. After about half an hour, when the wax has hardened, it is peeled off.


Paraffin wax is a colorless and odorless oily substance that is obtained from refined mineral crude oil. It is a non-toxic, and does not cause any adverse reaction when it comes in contact with skin. It has a very low melting temperature. Therefore, if the skin is soaked with molten wax, it is not going to cause any burns or blisters. It also does not get stuck to the skin. For all these reasons, it is considered as the most suitable for hot wax treatment. It has several benefits. It helps to bring down the aches and pains of the body, relaxes the sore and tired muscles, and hydrates the skin by making it soft and smooth. If you have a dull and dry skin, then a facial wax treatment will make your skin look great.

Treatment for Arthritis

Firstly, paraffin wax is applied on hands and feet. One ounce of mineral oil, and a few drops of lavender oil is added to the molten wax for aromatherapy. Then, one of your hands is put into the wax with spread fingers so that the entire hand gets covered properly with the wax. Once the double coated wax sets, it is put inside a glove, and then into special mitten. This is done to retain maximum heat inside it. After the hands are treated, a similar procedure is repeated for the feet. For neck and shoulder pain, treatment of the back is carried out, wherein the thickly coated back is covered with a special kind of plastic wrap, and then, with a fluffy towel for best results. In this way, the entire body gets the treatment for arthritis, and makes your body pain free temporarily.

Facial Treatment

Firstly, the face is covered with a gauze mask for protection. Then, the warm and molten wax is applied all over the face and neck area by gentle brushing. When the wax is cooling down on the skin, its cleansing and moisturizing process begins. After 15 - 20 minutes, the wax layer is peeled off very carefully. At the end of the treatment, when you look yourself in the mirror, you will be surprised to see your gorgeous face with a satin smooth skin.

The above mentioned treatments methods are highly popular in the winter, as they help to get rid of the cracked skin surface. For maximum benefits, these techniques need to be followed at least once a week. However, they are not suitable if your skin is sensitive towards heat or wax. Those with dermatitis, burns, skin rashes, open wounds, and any such skin condition should also avoid these treatment methods.