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Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a delicate cosmetic facial surgery. The results of this surgery become evident only after proper recovery.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Rhinoplasty or nose job is no more a domain of A-list celebrities. More and more people are availing the benefits of this surgery to correct the shape of their noses. Most people wrongly expect instantaneous results and become disappointed by the outcome of the surgery. However, one must understand that the results of rhinoplasty extensively depend upon your individual surgery type and after surgery care. It is several months after which you actually achieve a desired nose shape. There are certainly some ways by which you can speed up the recovery process. But before that, let us find out how much is the rhinoplasty recovery time.

How Much is the Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty surgery is a pretty major cosmetic surgery. It is not only your nose that gets affected by it, but your other facial features also suffer from the trauma of the surgery. Typically, a person may resume his normal activity within 2 - 3 days of surgery. However, recovery time may vary for every individual. It also significantly depends upon the extent of the surgery. It is recommended that you resume work only a week after surgery. The rhinoplasty surgery often leaves slight bruising around your eyes and swelling on the face. However, these signs wear off within 2 - 3 weeks of surgery. Often, a cast may be required to keep the nose in place. During this period, the person is asked to refrain from strenuous workouts or any activities that have the potential to damage the nose. Also, the person is asked not to blow his nose for at least a week after the surgery. It takes several months to 1 year for the actual results of the surgery become evident. Rarely, a revision rhinoplasty is required, if the patient fails to conscientiously follow an after surgery care procedure.

How to Speed Up Recovery

To accelerate the healing time after the surgery, you should start taking steps before the surgery itself. It is very essential to maintain a healthy body weeks before your surgery is due. Your doctor will probably prescribe you a course of vitamin C, since it accelerates the healing process. Similarly, it is important to drink plenty of water and get sound sleep at night, before you are ready to go for the surgery. Also, quit smoking a few days prior to your surgery as it delays the healing process and may irritate your nasal passage. Lastly, do not undertake any activities that require you to spend substantial amount of energy.

The swelling and bruising on the face which remains for several weeks can be reduced with the help of ice packs. Elevating your head while resting, for at least 24 hours after surgery helps to reduce swelling. Since, the person is likely to experience congestion for several weeks after the surgery, he is asked to take appropriate care of it. Your surgeon may prescribe you some pain killers to overcome the pain resulting due to surgery. It is recommended that you avoid air travel for at least a few weeks, post surgery. Similarly, avoid alcohol, vitamin E supplements, aspirin or other blood thinners, herbal supplements, diet pills etc. Religiously follow the post surgery care routine prescribed by your surgeon.

Rhinoplasty recovery is a crucial period as, the results of the surgery extensively depend upon how you care for your nose during this period. Hence, listen to your surgeon and follow whatever he says.