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Permanent Eyebrows Aftercare

Permanent Eyebrows Aftercare

If you have sparse eyebrows, you might consider opting for a permanent method to fix them. However, you need to know about the aftercare, before getting this procedure done.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Many women who have sparse or scanty brows, long for thick ones. So, they often fill it up with an eyebrow pencil. However, this requires skill and time. Hence, a more lasting solution is to get permanent eyebrows by way of cosmetic tattooing. In this technique, a vibrating needle deposits pigments of color into the eyebrow region. It is a form of eyebrow tattoo, and is very effective and relatively pain free. After undergoing this procedure, your eyebrows look quite natural, and you don't have to apply any makeup to make them look lush and thick. However, aftercare is a very important factor if you want to keep infections at bay, and retain this look for a longer duration of time.

Aftercare for Permanent Eyebrows
Since a needle will be inserted into the skin a number of times, to deposit tiny amounts of ink, some amount of swelling, discomfort, and pain will be there.
  • Immediately after the procedure, you can apply a cold compress to the eyebrows, to reduce swelling and pain. Make sure that you do not apply ice directly on the eyebrows.
  • The area should be cooled only by applying wet tea bags, hand towels, or gel compresses, that are cooled in the refrigerator.
  • You should also avoid rubbing this area with your hands or a towel after a wash, for the next 10-12 days.
  • It is important that you keep this area free of dirt. Aftercare should include the application of topical vitamin E or baby oil. This will keep the skin lubricated, which will help in the prevention of any infection.
  • As the skin around the eyebrows begins to heal, you might encounter itching and/or flaking of the skin. This is quite normal, and shows that the skin is beginning to heal. At this point, avoid scratching your eyebrows, and abstain from any form of cosmetic procedure, like plucking eyebrows and eyebrow waxing.
  • To get relief from itching, you can apply a water soluble or non-comedogenic eye gel or cream.
  • Avoid scrubbing and washing the area with soap or cleansers that contain alcohol.
  • Also, avoid swimming in chlorinated water for 2-3 weeks after having done the semipermanent eyebrows.
  • If you experience thick yellow discharge from the eyebrow area, with blisters, you need to see a doctor immediately.
Aftercare is very important after undergoing cosmetic procedures. You can proceed with all normal activities like swimming, applying makeup, etc., after about a month from the procedure. During this period, it is advisable that you apply a high SPF sunscreen so that the colors do not fade. Sun bathing and tanning beds are also to be strictly avoided. Any beauty or skin care products that contain alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acids, and retinol, should not be applied in the eyebrow area. These products remove the outer layer of skin cells, and can also remove the pigment. Taking proper post-procedure aftercare will ensure that your eyebrows look perfect, and the color lasts for a longer time. If you find that there is unnatural swelling or pain, you should speak to your doctor about it without delay.

Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only and not intended to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.