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Best Face Wash for Acne

Best Face Wash for Acne

Searching for the best face wash for acne can be a tough task with a number of products displayed on the shelves. So here's information to make your choice easier and help you clear off the acne pimples.
Mamta Mule
Face wash is the primary element of your skin care regime. The popular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing regime won't be effective if the basic cleaning of your facial skin is not done rightly. If the dirt particles and oil stay on your skin or remain clogged in your skin pores, the moisturizers applied can lead to further clogging of pores causing acne or aggravating the existing condition. Especially when you have an acne prone skin, cleaners form the basic part of the facial skin care routine. Now you might shop for the best face wash for acne from the shelf!

However, which one do you pick and how do you decide the best from various products lying over there? The one which you saw in the latest television commercial or one on that catchy hoarding advertisement? Well, choosing one is tough and picking the right product is very essential to have your skin condition treated fast. So we give you information about the products in this category to help you choose the right face wash. Have a look.

Best Brands in the Market

The first thing to remember while choosing a face wash is that it will have ingredients that will leave your skin dry. Using it several times will not speed up the acne curing process. Those with oily skin must use this product thrice a day and those with dry skin must use it twice a day.

Neutrogena Oil-free Face Wash
Neutrogena is a favorite brand of many when it comes to choosing skin care products for skin problems. This is a dermatologist recommended brand which helps clear off acne and gives you a plain skin. This is definitely a good buy as it has a deep-cleanse and non-comedogenic formula for keeping the skin pores unclogged. Salicylic acid and skin soothers help cure acne, prevent further breakouts, and avoid dehydration of skin.

pHisoderm Anti-Blemish Gel Facial Wash
Again a gel with salicylic acid formula to treat acne, reduce inflammation and redness, and prevent scars. Its pH balanced formula and deep cleansers break the acne cycle and slough off the dead skin, giving you a healthy and radiant skin texture. You can safely use this dermatologist recommended product.

Derma Cleanse Acne Gel from Zenmed
Get a fast acne treatment with this highly effective cleansing gel from Zenmed. It is a highly absorptive product that heals your skin faster by clearing acne and preventing further skin damage. Remove the dead cell built up on your skin and unclog the pores with its perfect deep cleanse formula.

Apart from these top rated products you can check out some other ones such as Isotretinoin (Accutane), Clean and Clear Cleanser, Dermaquest DermaClear, Pronexin, and Proactiv Cleanser. Hope the aforementioned list helps you pick the best acne face wash from the shelf.

Well, if you are still confused, all you can do is checkout the customer reviews of popular products for acne. Salicylic acid is known to be the primary ingredient that a face wash or any other product must contain to give you the best results. Make sure that you do not overuse the products, as doing so will make your skin dry. Using a moisturizer specially formulated for acne prone skin is helpful to keep your skin smooth even after use of a drying face wash. With the right skin care regime, you can surely get that acne off your skin. All the best!