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Skin Tag Removal Cost

Skin tag removal may create a big hole in your pocket. However, don't worry, that depends on a lot of factors. This article gives an idea as to how much this endeavor would cost.
Medha Godbole
Ever noticed those small skin protrusions which are the size of a rice grain? These can be really irritating sometimes, though they are harmless. These are, medically known as acrochordons and commonly known as skin tags. Even if they are harmless and are not fatal to our health, they can give your face or any spot where they crop up, an unsightly appearance. Due to that, a number of people opt for getting them removed. In case you remove it at home on your own, it may cost less, however, overall it cannot be called an inexpensive affair.
What are Skin Tags?
Prior to getting on to the cost of skin tag removal, you need to understand what this condition is. Skin tags primarily occur where the skin is creased and they are also referred to as benign tumors. The possible areas where this condition can occur are the neck, under the eyes, armpits, and groin. It is a theory that these crop up in areas where the skin rubs against other skin. When observed through the microscope, it will be found that it consists of fibrovascular core, sometimes even fat cells, and they are covered by an unremarkable epidermis.
To give you the bottom line, you shouldn't expect to pay less than around $150 for getting them removed. This cost can include removal of one or more skin tags. The cost may go up to $400 or $500, or on the lower side, in a few cases, it may even cost you in the range of $50 as well. It all is determined by what kind of treatment you choose. There are basically two things you can do to get rid of this skin condition, that will eventually determine the cost. These are:
Method #1
For removal, the doctor can simply cut the tag, with the help of a scalpel or scissors which are sterilized. This is a sort of surgery and it may cost on a higher side than the natural methods. It will cause slight bleeding but the whole procedure takes very less time. As far as comparison between this method and skin tags removal with over-the-counter methods is concerned, the latter will be cheaper, for sure.
Method #2
Using a laser surgery too is quite common, in case the milder solutions are not working. The laser leads to the destruction of the cells in the skin tag. This is one of the expensive treatments, that is, the removal cost in this case is on the higher end of the spectrum.
Method #3
Another method which is a very common is cryotherapy. It involves freezing of the tags by using liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen, at such a temperature, kills the cells and the tag falls off. As compared to home remedy for skin tags, this will definitely cost you more.
Method #4
How much does it usually cost to get a skin tag removed, has yet one more dimension. That refers to stricture. Here, the doctor cuts off the blood supply to the skin tag. It is done with a suture applied to the base of the spot where the tag is. Once the blood supply is blocked, in a few days the tag will die and will fall off.
The last resort is diathermy, where a heated probe is used for removing this skin condition. This is also an expensive endeavor. All these procedures will cost over $100, to the minimum.
If you are not too comfortable with going to the doctor, you can opt for skin tag removal creams and do the removal at home. That will be cheaper and reduce the cost as well.
Disclaimer : Prices mentioned are subject to change according to location.