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Pubic Hair Removal Tips

We have provided you some important pubic hair removal tips that would prove useful to you. The tips shall let you know to how follow the techniques of pubic hair removal correctly. Read on...
Saptakee Sengupta
Pubic hair removal is a matter of hygiene and personal grooming, that should be taken care of by every woman. Removing pubic hair should be done periodically to prevent microbial growth in specific areas that takes place due to accumulation of sweat. Moreover, when you haven't shaved your pubic hair for a long duration, chances of developing ingrown hair is more. There are different techniques of removing pubic hair, which when followed properly offers you many benefits.
Tips for Pubic Hair Removal
It becomes important for a woman to clean her pubic hair before onset of periods for hygiene purposes. Moreover, when you remove your hair regularly by applying the correct techniques, then the skin underneath remains soft and supple. It's also one way to ensure hygiene while being sexually intimate. No matter if you are doing it for the first time or you are used to it, the tips explained below shall help you out.
Tip 1
You must trim your hair before shaving or waxing. Use a pair of good quality scissors to trim the dense growth as much as possible. Be careful while running the scissor to avoid minor cuts. Wash the area with cold water before applying wax or a shaving cream. You should never apply razor if you have ingrown hair. Do not use any kind of creams, shaving gels or wax if you are suffering from infection previously.
Tip 2
Removing hair growth along bikini line is easily done with a hair removing cream. Look for products that are safe on a sensitive skin. Squeeze out a little cream and apply on the top of your bikini line. Stop applying the cream if you experience itching and irritation. Apply the cream uniformly all over. Leave it for 3-4 minutes and then remove it with a piece of cotton or a soft cloth. Dry with a soft towel and then massage the entire area with a few drops of herbal oil. This is the best technique when you want quick results.
Tip 3
The second technique is shaving with a razor. You can purchase an electronic razor or use one which is specially meant for this purpose. Soak the area in lukewarm water for a few minutes before applying razor. Gels meant for shaving pubic hair is readily available at cosmetic stores which you can apply to achieve a smoothness. Move the razor in the direction of growth. Apply second stroke if small strands have remained. If you are trying the process for the first time, then you might sense minor irritation on the skin, which is quite normal. Clean off with a soft towel and then apply moisturizer. You should be very careful while running the razor to avoid cuts and abrasion.
Tip 4
Waxing could be a little painful when you are not used to it. However, it is the best technique that guarantees long-lasting effect. If you want to achieve flawless texture on your bikini line then opt for waxing. It's always advised to trim your pubic hair before applying wax. Make sure that the area is perfectly dry and is free from moisture. You will find out ample brands of bikini wax that would be safe for application. Read the instructions provided in the manual before applying. Waxing pubic hair should be preferably done by a professional beauty therapist since it would be difficult for you to carry out single-handedly. Run ice cubes immediately to prevent appearance of red bumps on the skin. Moisturize your skin with almond oil or olive oil.
Tip 5
Depending upon the nature of growth, you can remove your pubic hair either once or twice a month. You must remove hair growth with intense care from the external parts of your vagina and anus as these are extremely sensitive areas. Do not apply razor on these areas. Make sure that you have rinsed every trace of cream and wax to avoid genital infections. Rubbing ice cubes and keeping it moisturized after removing offers the much-needed relief after shaving.
Following the aforementioned tips would help you to carry out the techniques safely and would provide you immense respite from the pain of waxing. The best way to maintain hygiene is to develop a practice of removing it periodically. You will experience the difference once you get habituated to it.