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Sheer Cover Vs. Bare Minerals

Sheer Cover and Bare Minerals are popular mineral makeup brands. The debate over these two brands has grown over time, and many women want to know which is better. This article discusses some of the pros and cons of these brands.
BeautiSecrets Staff
Mineral makeup is a boon for women looking for natural coverage makeup which does not clog pores and is completely safe to use. Unlike other types of makeup, mineral makeup is gentle, non-comedogenic, and can be safely used by those suffering from acne, rosacea, or oily skin. This makeup contains SPF, and also provides enough coverage to hide blemishes. Two popular companies in the mineral makeup revolution are: Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover.
Neither Sheer Cover nor Bare Minerals are regular drugstore brands. Hence, they are not available in beauty shops or department stores. Bare Minerals can be ordered online from their site, or you can purchase them from their stores. Sheer Cover can be purchased exclusively from their website. Both these brands can be purchased by calling their customer care. Natural mineral makeup is popular among women because it provides great coverage without feeling heavy or cakey. Unlike liquid foundation which can streak and look unnatural, mineral cosmetics provide a good even skin tone.
Both Bare Minerals' and Sheer Cover's foundations come in three shades and you can order one according to your skin tone. Sheer Cover comes with a powder concealer that you can apply to hide dark circles, spots, and blemishes. Both brands are very light and are great for covering up redness, pigmentation, and brown spots. The Bare Minerals kit comes with the basic mineral powder foundation, a setting powder, and a warming powder. The warming powder is something that is exclusive to Bare Minerals, it gives your skin a nice glow without looking artificial. In conclusion, Bare Minerals gives a better coverage with an even tone and a warm glow which looks very flattering.
Staying Power
A good staying power is essential for any type of makeup. There is no point in applying makeup if it is not going to last for more than an hour, making you run to the powder room for touch ups. Although Sheer Cover gives you a good coverage and is great for oily skin, it does not last long. If you are outdoors and are getting a little sweaty, the makeup will start to run and you will find that your cheeks and nose look shiny. Bare Minerals, on the other hand, has a great staying power and you can safely go to an outdoor party without having to worry about your makeup streaking. Both Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover come with an assortment of high quality brushes. These soft brushes are great for applying makeup like a professional.
Sheer Cover and Bare Minerals are both great in their own way. Sheer Cover is a little more affordable than Bare Minerals. Ultimately, it is best to try a sample kit of both these brands to decide which is better for your skin.