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Vitamin K Cream Benefits

Vitamin K Cream Benefits

Vitamin K has several benefits for the skin, which include reduced discoloration of the skin under the eyes and improved healing of wounds and bruises. The following article provides information about the various benefits of the vitamin K cream.
Aparna Jadhav
Vitamin K plays an important role in blood clotting and preventing excessive bleeding in the body. It is naturally present in various green leafy vegetables, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. It is hydrophilic and lipophilic in nature, and is required for a number of metabolic pathways in the body. There are about five vitamins in this group that serve different purposes. Apart from clotting blood, it has some other significant roles to play with respect to the health and appearance of the skin. It is an important ingredient in cosmetics and skin care products available in the market. Therefore, applying a cream containing this vitamin can prove to be beneficial for the skin.


The human body receives this vitamin from certain foods and bacteria that normally live in the intestines. Even though a small amount of this vitamin is synthesized inside the body itself, an external supply of this vitamin is equally essential for a healthy body and nourished skin. Application of creams that contain this vitamin would also prove beneficial to get rid of abnormalities on the skin.

The most popular use of this cream in case of dermatological abnormalities is its effect on bruises, which are characterized by black and blue coloration of the skin. The color develops due to the damaged blood vessels, which causes pooling of blood under the skin. When the cream is applied to these bruises, the skin starts healing and reabsorbs the blood quickly.

Vein Problems
There are many people affected by spider veins and varicose veins, which look very abnormal on the face or anywhere else on the skin. Even broken capillaries can lead to such skin problems, and application of a cream containing this vitamin can help fix such complications. Problems such as dark circles under the eye or skin discolorations can also be treated by this vitamin. Its benefits also include strengthening of the blood vessel walls.

Other Skin Abnormalities
Other skin problems which are not present since birth, but are caused due to accidents, which include minor burns, skin irritation, redness, stretch marks, and scars can be treated by this cream. It fades these skin imperfections to a great extent. Even though birth marks in the form of patches and spots cannot be completely removed, the regular use of this cream for years can surely reduce their visibility.

Though there are some theories about the use of vitamin K for the treatment and prevention of cancer, many studies don't support it. However, some studies suggest that compounds like vitamin K2 and vitamin K3 have certain anti-cancer abilities.

In certain rare cases, rashes may develop after the use of this cream. Hence, it is advised to consult a dermatologist before starting the use of this cream.

Disclaimer: This BeautiSecrets article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.