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Skin Blemish Treatment

Skin Blemish Treatment

There are many treatment options available for those who want to get rid of unsightly blemishes on their skin. In this BeautiSecrets article, we take a look at the different methods that are used for blemish removal.
Medha Godbole
Skin blemishes, also termed as hyper pigmentation, manifest as skin discoloration or dark spots on the skin. It is caused due to blackheads and white heads, or simply acne (pimples). Blemishes are very common and many people suffer from it at different age levels. Most often, skin blemishes are experienced by teenagers, when the hormonal reactions and changes are very fast and dynamic in the body. But these can happen at any age. If you are pondering over treatment options and overall skin care, here is what you need.

Types of Skin Blemishes

There are 4 types of skin blemishes:
  1. Papules
  2. Pustules
  3. Nodules
  4. Cysts
In order of their severity, papules are the least problematic, while cysts are biggest and most painful. The treatment options for these depends on what kind of a cyst it is.

Skin Blemish Removal Methods

Anti-Bacterial Treatment
Benzoyl peroxide is touted to be an effective treatment option for blemishes, and is available over the counter. Topical retinoids are also advised for spot-prone skin blemishes. The main substance, retinol or vitamin A, apparently stimulates the skin cells which are on the surface. This helps produce new collagen and elastin. A form of vitamin B-3, nicotinamide, is useful if the spots are inflamed. This is an effective treatment for skin blemish on the body.

Exfoliation and Cleansing
For acne prevention and removal of skin blemishes on the face, cleansing and exfoliating your skin is absolutely essential. If your skin is not clean and is oily, it is easy invitation for such skin problems. Cleansing and exfoliation prevents the outbreak of blemishes. There is a caboodle of products in the market for this purpose, from facial scrubs to creams. In addition to that, there are soaps and cleansers to help keep blemishes at bay. Moreover, there are products for all skin types, so you need not worry if your skin is a little sensitive.

Natural Remedies
There are many natural remedies too, for dealing with blemishes. These might seem from the old book and straight out of grandma's kitty, but they work.

For starters, make a paste of turmeric powder (2 tsp) and freshly squeezed lemon juice, and apply it on the spots where there are blemishes. This is an unbeatable home remedy for skin blemishes.

Almond Magic
Soak almonds overnight and then make a paste of ground almonds with milk. Apply the paste on the affected spots. Let the paste be on the face overnight and work on the blemishes. Wash your face with cold water the next morning.

Simply take honey and apply it on the blemish. Honey sterilizes the skin and kills the microbes settling on the face. What's more is that it prevents hyper pigmentation as well.

Mint Leaves
Take some mint leaves and make a paste. Apply the paste on the face. Let this paste be on the face for around 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

Milk, Lemon and Honey
Take a teaspoon of milk powder, honey, and lemon juice, and add a teaspoon of almond oil to that mixture. Apply this mixture on the face and after around 15 minutes wash it off. Doing this regularly will help keep the skin clean and glowing all the time.

There are a few more such remedies, but I guess there is a good chance that you would not need them because these are great to deal with those annoying blemishes. Eventually, the cardinal rule is to keep the skin as clean as possible.