Skin Care Products for Women

With a wide range of products for skin care, the choosing the best one always becomes a confusing task. Before you make your buy, make sure you know your skin type and what will suit it the best. Here are a few tips to help you out with your shopping.
Skin is the outer image of the inner self. It is the reflection of what you are on the inside. A disturbed mind always manifests itself through the skin. A poor digestive system can result in an acne breakout. Blemishes break the soothing monotony of the flawless skin. A monotony which for once is pleasing. What you eat, what you drink, what type of make up you use and what you are, radiates through your skin.
Apart from these internal factors, couple of external agents too are responsible for ruining the texture of your skin. Amongst the many factors, weather, and pollution are hugely accountable for disturbing the skin. Good skin care products treat the negative effects of external factors in a way that make you love your skin like never before.
Constant exposure to pollution is avoidable. It clogs up the pores, stealing your skin's right to oxygen consumption. It leads to rough skin, defined by fine lines running all through your face. Skin takes time to rejuvenate and regain its natural look hence, overnight changes are miracles and highly impossible.
Cleansing is the most important step of skin care. We often think mere washing with water cleans the skin, but that ain't true. Many times, tap water has high content of chlorine, which dries the skin. Using mineral water to wash the skin is the best way of cleaning it. But as the suggested option is a 'little to much' for the pocket, drink it instead. Peeling masks pull out the dirt, stuck in the pores and facial corners, like around the nose. You can use soaps, cleansing creams, and peeling masks just before you go to bed for cleansing your skin.
Scrubs are easy to use and they smell good too! Scrubs remove the dead cells, blackheads and whiteheads from the surface of the skin. They are excellent in exfoliating the most exposed and blackened surfaces like, knees, elbows, hands, and feet. You can make scrubs very easily at home, by drying fruit peels and grinding them. There is a wide range of scrubs with fruit extracts available. Orange, strawberry, and apricot scrubs are wonderful in terms of fragrance and scrubbing as well!
Nobody wants dry or flaky skin. Skin which is softer to touch, the better it is to wear. Moisturizing is a boon for skin type which suffers from water loss and is also a shield between the harsh wind and pollution. This does not give a license to drink any less water! Moisturizers holds on to the water on the skin surface. Using a moisturizer regularly goes a long way in making the skin satin soft. However, those with oily skin, should pick the moisturizer which gives a matte finish to the skin.
Toner is a skin care product designed to be used after cleaning the skin. They remove the grime from the skin that's left out. Astringents are known to tighten up the skin. But do not use it excessively as it may lead to drying out. Rose water toner, cucumber toner, mint toner, alcohol, alum toner, honey and egg toners are some other products you'd want to look for, the next time you go out shopping.
In case you don't want to buy the commercial line of cosmetics, natural skin care products can be made at home too. Before you buy any item for skin care, know your skin type. Don't be fascinated by the fragrance, the cost of the products or the packaging of the products. Beauty is all about skin and what lies beneath it and that, is the story of every skin!