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Benefits of Organic Soap

Benefits of Organic Soap

While the obvious purpose of soap is to cleanse your body, using the right kind is important so that it gives you more benefits than one. Here, we outline the various benefits of using a natural, organic soap.
Puja Lalwani
Our skin is one of the most blatantly unnoticed and ignored parts of the body. Though it is our primary defense against the onslaught of several diseases and other health problems, we tend to ignore it, and in fact, cause it harm by using products such as commercial soap. The so-called beauty bars, that are available in the market, are rich in harmful synthetic ingredients and chemicals, that can lead to further skin damage. On the other hand, using organic, natural, handmade soap, is the perfect way to actually achieve that skin 'to die for'. As it contains only natural ingredients, there is no chance of developing any allergic reactions or other skin problems.


The benefits of soap made from natural ingredients are several, especially that they help in maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.
  • Organic soap made from coconut, olive oil, or palm oil, is rich in vitamins, that helps people with sensitive skin and those who suffer from skin diseases, like acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other dry skin problems.
  • When you use commercial products, you may have found your skin feeling dry and stretched. With the natural ingredients in handmade, organic variety, you will find your skin feeling smooth, and fresh, without any itchy feeling.
  • Since handmade soap is made in small batches, its freshness remains intact, thereby benefiting us more than the usual bar.
  • Handmade soap contains glycerin, that is a necessary moisturizing agent found in lotions and other skin creams. Several commercial bars do not contain glycerin, which is what causes the skin to become dry.
  • The natural oils in handmade soap, such as jojoba oil, help in balancing the skin complexion.
  • Synthetic fragrances are eliminated from handmade soap, and they contain fragrances from natural essential oils. These have a great aromatherapy effect that is relaxing for the mind and body.
  • These natural essential oils also have antifungal and antibacterial properties, that make them good cleansers for the body, and are also useful for those with skin infections.
  • Commercial bars use synthetic colors, which are harmful for the skin in the long run. On the other hand, natural ones contain natural colors attained from the original source. For instance, a blue bar is so because it has been made from lavender extract.
  • The lather created with the use of commercial bars has found to cause severe damage to the environment, as it contains several harmful chemicals. Organic soap on the other hand is completely environment friendly and thus, by using it you are actually doing a favor to the environment.
It is thus, wise to steer clear from the use of commercial bars, as studies have shown that since the skin is absorbent, it will absorb all the harmful chemicals, that in the long run, can even cause skin cancer. The effect of these on the environment has already been mentioned. The process used to make natural soaps helps maintain its vital benefits, that finally affect our health and well-being. Thus, embrace all these benefits and notice the difference it makes in the way your skin feels; soft, smooth, and silky, just like those ads promise!