Underarm Whitening

Read this article to get some underarm whitening tips if you are scared to flash those not-so-perfect underarms for the weekend rock concert.
BeautiSecrets Staff
So, you finally managed to get the passes for the rock concert. Congratulations! What you have selected for the night is a stunning halter-neck outfit. You know you look drop-dead gorgeous in that. But just imagine, you are enjoying the concert and grooving on the wild beats. You are shouting at the top of your voice with the crowd and you are completely thrilled. Now, the lead singer says, "come on everybody, put your hands up in the air", and there you feel a sudden tinge of embarrassment. This problem of unrepresentable and dark underarms is one that is faced by many women.
To avoid embarrassing situations like this, some women never go for sleeveless dresses or if in case they do wear sleeveless clothes, they are always consciously hiding their underarms, resulting in awkward body movements. This makes them look uncomfortable and out-of-place. At such moments, you generally tend to lose confidence and end up with low self-esteem. To avoid this, you must get rid of those dark underarms.
Home Remedies
You can try various skin whitening home remedies to lighten the color of your underarms, use various over-the-counter lotions, or go for cosmetic methods that can help you get soft, glowing, and white underarms.
  • Lemon Juice:
    There are various natural and safe home remedies to get white underarms and lemon juice is one of them. You can apply lemon juice to your underarms, and keep it for 15-20 minutes before washing it off. Do this thrice a week for two weeks and you will notice the change in skin color of your underarms. If they are very dark, you may need to repeat the above process for another few weeks. You can also add a few drops of honey to the lemon juice, which acts as a natural skin lightener.
  • Sour Yogurt:
    Sour yogurt has some anti-tan properties which can help you get rid of dark underarms. Apply it on your underarms and keep it on for 20 minutes. Wash it off with clean water. Do this four times a week till you get the desired skin tone. For better results, add a pinch of salt to the yogurt.
  • Scrubbing:
    You can gently massage and scrub your underarms with a pumice stone. Instead of ready-made scrubs, you can use herbal exfoliating body scrubs made from basil or whole grain powder, as they do not cause any side effects. Scrubbing helps you remove the dead skin from the underarms, making it look rejuvenated and light. However, scrubbing vigorously or excessively can cause skin rashes, so it is advisable to do this only once a week.
Apart from the above mentioned remedies, you can also use various herbal oils and pastes that guarantee white underarms.
Ready-made Products
The market is full of ready-made underarm whitening products that you can choose from, but consulting a dermatologist before using them is important.
  • Skin Whitening Creams:
    There are various skin whitening or lightening creams available in the market. You can select one of these creams that suits your skin type and apply it on your underarms as per the directions mentioned on the tube. If you are already using a fairness cream for your face, then start using it for your underarms as well. These creams will definitely help lighten the color of your underarm skin.
  • Whitening Antiperspirants:
    Whitening antiperspirants or deodorants serve a dual purpose. Unlike usual deodorants, they contain chemicals that help in lightening the skin tone. You can use this type of deodorant on a daily basis.
  • Bleaching:
    A bleaching cream is also a great solution. It contains chemicals that lighten the hair on the skin and it is also effective in removing the tan. If you already use a particular bleaching cream for your face, then you can use the same for your underarms. But, if you are a first time user, do not forget to take a patch test before you actually apply it on your underarms, as the harsh chemicals can damage the underarm skin.
Apart from these, there are various cosmetic methods, such as laser therapy, photo facial therapy, etc., that gently exfoliate the dead dark skin from the underarms. However, there are certain don'ts you must adhere to in order to keep your underarms white and glowing, such as avoid shaving, using hair removal creams, and using deodorants excessively. Instead, you can try to wax your underarms, that removes the hair from the roots and also removes the buildup caused by sweating. With these tips, you are sure to get lightened underarms that will allow you to adorn all sorts of outfits, without having to worry about dark underarms.