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What Makeup to Wear With a Red Dress That's Sure to Grab Eyeballs

What Makeup to Wear with a Red Dress
Red being one of the top two picks of all the colors, is very prominently seen in parties. From classy to beyond vibrant, red stands a benchmark. But since the color is so powerful, it can be tricky to decide the makeup for a red dress. BeautiSecrets gives you some amazing guidelines about what makeup to wear on a red dress.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Those having a darker skin tone should opt for warmer red shades (wine red, cherry red), while those with lighter skin complexions should prefer saturated tomato tones.
In our quest to give our readers the best of style and fashion guidelines, we've got something that would surely get you in the moods of romance and celebration. This time, the color of extremes is our pick. Red! It has passion, it has love, it has seduction. Apart from being my favorite color, studies say that the second-most popular favorite of people is red.

Have prom tonight? Red gown is the first choice. A date with your crush? A coral red short dress will definitely win his heart. To be honest, a red dress is enough to get yourself in the limelight and attract all the attention in the party. But imagine someone wearing a scarlet red dress, and has done this dark, contrasting makeup. No offenses, but this may look clownish. Just a slight shade change in lip color, can change the entire look of the dress.
First things first!
1. Wash your face and neck area thoroughly. Opt for a mild facial cleanser, the one that suits your skin. Pat dry with a soft, clean towel.
2. With a foundation brush, apply foundation all over the facial and neck area. Just make sure the foundation shade matches your skin tone. You can choose a BB cream according to your preference. To conceal blotches, apply a thin layer of concealer. Make it as natural as possible.
3. Next step is to accentuate the lips and eyes, which will depend on the occasion and the stunning red dress!

Following are our makeup suggestions to go with the red dress.
Fresh, Fun, Flirty
● For a cocktail party event, we chose a classy lace dress.
● After you're done with the base, it's time to accent the eyes. Apply a single layer of base eyeshadow starting from the inner corner of your eyes.
● White is in! To get a blend of a natural yet classy finish, apply a thin layer of white eyeshadow with a shadow brush. Start from the inner corner, go on fading the shade while gradually moving outwards.
● Now, with a black liquid liner, trace the upper lash line in the winged tip style, giving a curve to your stroke.
● The thickness of the line depends on you, but start with thinner lines.
● While picking a lipstick shade, go for Red on Red. Color match the lipstick shade with your dress. Here, we've picked deep red, followed by a light glossy layer.
● For giving your makeup―the final touch, apply bronzer and powder blush. We have picked a warm ivory shade to highlight the cheeks.
● There you are, all set to move out for the party.
● While choosing a date night outfit, let's go for something more flirty and feminine. Well, a class red will fit the bill, and that too when it's accented with patterns like polka dots, hearts, and bows. We've picked a short polka dot dress. Since the fabric has a little sheeny effect, the lips too demand for sheen!
● And since the lips will be glossy, the base has to be very natural to maintain a balance.
● Apply a stroke of black liner over the top eyelid. To keep things simple yet elegant, we're not going for any liner arcs.
● For lips, start by drawing an outline of your lips, with a tone lighter than your dress shade. Fill the lip area with a red lipstick. To give it a glossy shine, apply a sheer lip gloss.
● Contour and highlight your face with a shade darker than your foundation shade.
Nude, Natural, Notorious
● Wedding parties and gatherings ask for a decent look. An off-shoulder dress is our pick.
● Since the dress is doing the talking, we will keep the makeup very light and natural.
● Flushed lips is what we wanna attain. Smoothen them with a lip balm, follow by a neutral (or cherry pink) lip gloss.
● If you wish, you could use a nude eyeliner over the top eyelash line.
● Prom nights make a good pair with heavy makeup.
● You could go for warm beiges, chestnut tones, while putting on the powdered foundation.
● All we would say is that, a modern look calls for satin lips.
● Choose a black liner, and have well-defined eyeliner done. We've extended the liner stroke with an eyeshadow smudge for a smokey effect. You could even use a glitter eyeshadow to achieve this look.
Scarlet, Sensual, Sassy
● To get dressed for a formal meeting is a tricky job. We suggest you to pick a dress that is comfortable, yet classy.
● Do prepare the base. Don't overdo the facial makeup, keep things natural, as business meetings call for a simpler makeup.
● Highlight your eyes with winged tips. Trace a cat-eye stroke by starting at an angle of 45° from the outer edge of lash line.
● Going in sync with the attire, we've opted for glossy red plump lipstick.
● A cocktail party can have a glossy look.
● Use products that leave a sheeny effect, like a golden beige. But do keep in mind to match the basic shade with your skin tone.
● This dress demands a crimson red lipstick. Since the base is glossy, the lipstick can be a matte shade.
● For accentuating the eyes, we've given a light smudge. You can pick a bronze, copper, or low tones of gray.
● You can trace a black top liner stroke simply.
● Proms are something very special. You gotta look your best, have a nice hairdo, get the best makeup done, and the list won't end. For such an event, we've picked a floor-length lace dress.
● This attire calls for heavy makeup. Wear a heavier powder finish foundation.
● Accent your lips with a sheeny lip gloss, after you're done with putting a shade of red lipstick.
● For a dramatic look, cover the entire eyelid with an eyeshadow. Blacks and grays go well with red.
● The same applies for the liner. If you don't wanna use black, you can go for charcoal gray or similar shades. For eyelashes to look fuller, follow up with a mascara.
Coral, Cute, Cocktail
● So you have a date this evening? You want to look natural, but you wanna have a look that takes his heart away.
● Pick a short coral dress in times such.
● Keep the overall makeup light.
● Pick a shade of coral that goes perfectly on your dress. Remember, we don't want sticky or glossy lips.
● With a kohl eyeliner, trace the strokes, lining it perfectly on the water line.
● This is another cocktail party attire, but with a new fashion trick. There's no rule book that says you should always fetch an identical shade of red for the makeup.
● Instead, we've picked a coral red shade for lips on a red velvet dress.
● Pearly porcelain foundation is our pick, for she has a porcelain skin tone.
● Put a thick winged tip liner for highlighting the eyes. Follow up with a mascara to accentuate the eyelashes.
● Out with girls? Have a movie date? All we ask is to go with coral.
● Grab a coral glossy shade for the lips.
● You can use a similar hue from the eyeshadow kit for the eyes. Create drama with your liner. Define the eyes with mascara for the finishing look.
Rose, Rich, Romance
● As we know, business attires don't go well with heavy makeup, we would suggest you to pick a shade of rose!
● Though the dress is red, a pinker shade would lighten the effect it leaves on your face.
● Play with colors for filling the eyeliner section.
● When nudes and prominent reds fail to work on a red prom dress, go for rose pink!
● A suggestion would be to put matte red lipstick first, and follow up with a shade of pink. You could use a pink gloss.
● Of course, prom nights need to have intense eye makeup.
Have polished and poised nails. Choose a matching red nail color, or a French manicure, which would pretty well compliment a red dress.

If you're attending an important occasion, never try a new makeup. Do something that you're sure about; something that you've been doing since quite a while. Try these makeup tricks a day or two before the main event.