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Zinc Oxide for Acne

Using zinc oxide for acne is a fairly modern addition to the many existing known treatments of acne. The primary benefit of using this medication is the instant results that are observed, which is a big factor when you consider that most young people want to get rid of it instantly.
BeautiSecrets Staff
As the name suggests, medications that are principally made up of zinc oxide are used as a cure for acne. You might wonder why I haven't advocated the use of natural medications for acne as usually done by many. Well, for impatient teenagers, zinc oxide is a better options as compared to the natural remedies, as it has some unique merits which go as follows.
  • It has almost no side effects if taken under the supervision of a skin specialist.
  • The results that are seen in almost all zinc oxide treatments are almost instantaneous, and the person who is getting treated does not have to wait for a very long period of time to get rid of the acne.
  • Zinc oxide treatment is also beneficial for the skin, due to the fact that it also helps in healing the scars on the skin and helps the body control phenomena like inflammation and excessive oil.
  • Another very positive result of the usage of zinc oxide is the development and boosting of the immune system of the body, especially the skin.
  • Zinc oxide also cures many other skin disorders, like rashes and scars. Apart from that, it is an excellent sunscreen lotion that also protects the skin from pollution.
Zinc Oxide vs. Natural Treatments
Honestly speaking, natural remedies for acne are much better in comparison to any other medications. However, they have to be implemented strictly in schedule to cure acne completely. Many people prefer not to avail a remedy that goes on for years together. Using zinc oxide for acne works almost instantly, and thus is the best possible remedy that is available.
Treatment Options
Most common belief is that acne is caused as a result of puberty. Although this is true, it is only half the story. Acne is basically a result of a combination of different phenomena in the human body and skin that include puberty, excessive oil in the skin, bacteria on the skin, and growth hormones.
The best treatment is the consumption of foods that have a prominent measure of zinc in them. For example, you can include food items like nuts, poultry, sea food, sunflower seed oil, etc., in your diet. Consuming these foods would automatically reduce the probability of the occurrence of acne marks on your skin. Another advantage of regularly consuming these foods is that the marks that have already appeared on your skin will slowly get healed.
The second way to treat acne with the help of zinc oxide is proper topical medication that is to be applied on the marks, like a cream or soap that boost the amount of zinc oxide in the skin. Some of these medications also fight off the dirt and bacteria that propagate acne marks.
I always recommend all teenagers to wash their face once in a while with simple cold water and not worry about acne marks, as they disappear as you approach adulthood. And to the adults and almost adults, use some simple natural remedy on an everyday basis.
Disclaimer: This BeautiSecrets article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.