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Glycolic Acid Face Cream

Glycolic Acid Face Cream

Face cream containing glycolic acid is a well-known skin care product. Basically, in many of the products, it is the active ingredient. This article provides some information.
BeautiSecrets Staff
The AHA which is present in skin creams which helps with a quick fix to a clear skin in rush hour is none other than Glycolic acid. It is also known as AHA or Alpha Hydroxy acid. It is a colorless and odorless hygroscopic crystalline solid, highly-soluble in water. It is derived from a chemical reaction between chloroacetic acid and sodium hydroxide. The reason why it is a major ingredient in a lot of skin care products is its excellent skin penetration property. Adding to the plethora of advantages, it can be obtained from natural resources as well, like sugarcane, sugar beets, unripe grapes, pineapple, and so on. That is why face creams that contain it are so in demand.

Face Cream

This cream is good for all the skin types - from normal to dry. It refines and smoothens the skin texture, cleanses pores, and exfoliates the skin. It also decreases the rate of hyperpigmentation. However, these creams are not meant for moisturizing your skin, so a moisturizing skin cream needs to be used in combination with it. Eye creams having AHA and containing anti-aging ingredients like retinol are good to keep the skin around the eyes healthy. However, in these creams, the amount of glycolic acid is less as compared to the skin products meant for usage other than for the eyes. If you observe that your skin has become radiant and wrinkle-free after using such creams, it is because of the AHA. Because of its acidic content, it is quite obvious that it is sometimes sidelined by the face peel.

Face Peel

By far, the most extensively-used face product is the peel containing AHA. These peels have 50% concentration or more. These are non-surgical and non-invasive facial treatments, which as the name suggests, peel off the dead skin. By peeling off the dead skin, it reveals a younger looking and glowing skin. These typically work by removing an extremely thin layer and all the damaged cells of the skin. This leads to getting rid of wrinkles, skin discoloration, age spots, and sun damage. Many times, such peels are administered in tandem with microdermabrasion. Beginning with 20% to 30% glycolic solution and going up to 70%, these are applied across a series of sessions. Just like a face peel, its face wash is a very popular skin care product. This is an important component of facial skin care.

Face Wash

These are mainly used for skin exfoliation and cleansing. These have a maximum glycolic content of 15%. A particular type of face wash, for example, a face wash with a higher glycolic percentage would not be suitable for someone with a sensitive skin. Thus, it is best to buy the product after considering your skin type.

All these products are great for the skin and quite effective. However, remember to use them in moderation and as recommended to get a healthy and glowing skin.