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Benefits of Soy Milk for Skin

Benefits of Soy Milk for Skin

While soy is good for health, it is bound to do a good turn to your skin. Soy milk is a great supplier of nutrients to the skin.
Azmin Taraporewala
Soy Bean Milk and Soybeans
We have always heard that soy milk benefits health. It serves to be a healthy and nutritious supplement for those who are lactose intolerant or have inherent milk allergies. We have heard the masses swear by the essential values of soy milk, so as to be deemed healthy. Soy milk and soy products taste good as well. Whether it is soy milk or it is the granules or chunks, products derived through soy are ever so appetizing. As for your skin, soy milk is deemed second to none.

How Does Soy Milk Benefit the Skin

#1: Anti-aging Agent
Soy milk is essential to increase collagen levels in the body. After women hit menopause, it has been marked that collagen, a protein that is naturally produced in the epidermis, is reduced in terms of production. As collagen is responsible for making the skin firm and maintaining the skin's elasticity, women dwell into complementing and supplementing the deficient production levels of the naturally produced collagen through creams. There are collagen creams and moisturizers that are made available in the market only to cater to this section of the society, however there are women who would still prefer to swear on homemade products and remedies rather than laying trust over products that have been recommended by significant or insignificant others! You could dab a cotton ball into soy milk and apply it on the face skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash off the milk with cool water. This will decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and fights dullness and roughness that skin encounters at this stage of life.

#2: Hydrates the Skin
Research proves testimony that consumption of soy milk keeps skin hydrated. Moisturizers that have soy milk extracts make the skin soft and supple to touch and keep the skin moisturized for a long time. It also fights the prominent sign of aging; dryness of the skin with ease as it makes moisture to seep into the skin, not leaving the skin looking parched, patchy or flaky in texture.

#3: Efficient Exfoliator
You could rest assured when you have soy milk by your side, considering that dead skin cells will be washed out. You could formulate a face mask consisting of sugar, olive oil and soy milk. The sugar granules will work their way in routing out dirt and impurities, and aid you in getting rid of dead skin cells, thereby renewing skin cells. Instead of using soy milk directly, you can also use cream that has soy milk extracts. Mix olive oil and sugar in the cream and then scrub the concoction. After leaving it on for two to three minutes, wash off your skin with cool water. You are bound to notice the difference in your skin. It is clearer and brighter than before.

#4: Protects Skin Against UV Damage
There have been consistent findings that have graduated to prove that topical application of moisturizers and creams that contain soy milk extracts can repress the risks of developing cancer of the skin or the epidermis, induced specifically by UV radiations. It can reduce inflammation and cease damage caused to the skin through UV.

#5: Curbs the Occurrence of Acne
Studies have indicated that there is an interrelation of milk and acne. Skin experts are of the opinion that consuming dairy products can induce acne. Dairy products are known to aggravate skin conditions and instigate breakouts. Thus, it is suggested that a substitute for dairy products be consumed. Soy milk can be consumed in place of cows milk. It consists of substitutes of milk such as cottage cheese, ice creams, flavored milk cans and tetra packs.

Soy milk has a plethora of benefits to offer, it only requires us to take heed and pay attention to what it has in its kitty to put forth. So, are we listening?