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Best Foundations for Sensitive Skin

Best Foundations for Sensitive Skin

Love makeup but dread skin damage? Allow me to help you pick the best foundation for sensitive skin that lays no harm to those touch-me-not cheeks!
Veethi Telang
When it's sensitive, it ought to be sensible. Those women are lucky who were not blessed with a sensitive touch-me-not skin, for they can use any beauty product without hustle. It's females with sensitive skin that need to find products specially meant for skin that finds it difficult to take experiments. Okay, I may not sing chants over what makes it essential for you to know how important sensitive skin care is, or those mundane dos and don'ts with regards to your sensitive skin, and other extremely monotonous tips and tricks. All I have for you today is how to go about choosing the best foundation for sensitive skin - one that not only serves the purpose of an up-to-the-mark sensitive skin makeup, but also helps the skin take care of itself from the 'hardships' prevailing in the surroundings. The following words are all about some of the best picks for a good foundation.
Best Foundations for a Sensitive Skin: Our Top 6 Picks
If you subscribe for the try-before-you-buy school of thought, it is recommended you don't go by what your friends or relatives say, or what online reviews think is the best, but try a small pack of the following foundations, and settle on which is that one skin product that makes your sensitive skin happy. For now, here's a list of my top picks for the most suitable foundations and liquid mineral makeup for a sensitive texture.
L'Oreal Ideal Balance Balancing Foundation

Type Liquid
SPF 10
Texture Matte finish
Key Ingredients Hamamelis, Lotus flower, Hydra claryl
Shades Beige, Shell Buff, Cappuccino, Mocha, Sand, Golden, Tan, Creamy Natural
Price $9.99

Chambor Enriched Revitalizing Makeup

Type Liquid
SPF 18
Texture Matte finish
Key Ingredients Hop and Ginkgo Biloba extracts, Vitamin A, Vitamin E
Shades Vanilla, Honey, Natural
Price $9.99

Estee Lauder Country Mist Liquid Makeup

Type Liquid
Texture Moist, dewy finish
Key Ingredients Non-acnegenic ingredients
Shades Country Beige, Vanilla Beige
Price $29

Lancome Teint Miracle

Type Liquid
SPF 15
Texture True-to-skin, natural finish
Key Ingredients Rosa Gallica, alcohol denat., dimethicone
Shades Ivoire, Buff, Bisque, Suede
Price $39

Yves Saint Laurent Matt Touch Foundation

Type Liquid
SPF 10
Texture Matte finish
Key Ingredients White Water Lily, special radiance-enhancing pigments
Shades Ivory, Blond, Opal, Sand, Peach, Gold Beige, Pink Beige,
Amber, Honey, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Caramel
Price $52

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Foundation

Type Powder
SPF 15
Texture Radiant finish
Key Ingredients Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide
Shades Fair, Fairly light, Golden fair, Light, Fairly medium,
Medium, Medium Beige, Golden Medium, Medium tan, Tan, Warm tan, Golden tan, Dark, Medium dark, Golden dark, Warm dark, Golden deep, Medium deep, Deepest deep, Warm deep
Price $25

Note:The prices mentioned above may be subject to change. Visiting a retail store and confirming yourself is recommended.
How to Pick a Foundation for Sensitive Skin
People who are bestowed with a sensitive skin have an edge over others, simply because they need not wander across shopping stores in search for cosmetics. Everything that claims mild is bound to be theirs. Hence, it's comparatively easier for you to pick up a foundation if you have a sensitive skin. But what exactly should you see in a foundation for sensitive skin-type? Well, it's a simple answer. The one that does not irritate your skin in any way. Sensitive skin products come with silicone content in them, that is acknowledged for its minimum skin irritation qualities. Though, powdered foundations do not contain many skin irritating ingredients, should you look for liquid foundations, pick the one that has high silicone content in it.
Many women are fond of makeup, but dread using it because they are a dupe of a number of skin problems. They seem to compromise with even the best makeup for sensitive skin sake, issues, and problems. The unfortunate acne, pimples, blemishes, age spots, and many other skin issues make it almost impossible for women to apply any kind of liquid makeup. It is for their acne prone skin that various cosmetic brands have put forth some foundations serving their purpose quite well. In case you are contemplating on buying liquid makeup, the most common foundations you should lay hand upon, should be oil-free and aloe vera rich. As is universally known, excessive oil in the skin creates uninvited hassles for the face, a foundation that is totally free of oil and oil contents is the best buy.
A perfectly flawless skin is a dream every woman wakes up with. Won't be wrong to say that a good foundation lays the 'foundation' to accomplishing that dream, and a compromise with it imbalances the entire makeup application that follows. I believe, choosing a good base and foundation that matches your skin tone will make up for the best decision. The above options can help you settling on the best foundation for your touch-me-not skin. Go, grab a bottle, and say goodbye to those disaster moments when you fail to recognize the woman you see in the mirror.