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How Carrot Juice Benefits the Skin and Overall Health

Carrot Juice Benefits for Skin
The orange-colored, horn-shaped root, carrot has many health benefits. This article elaborates on carrot juice benefits for the skin and overall health.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018
Carrot juice
Did you know?
Earlier, carrots were grown for their "aromatic leaves", and not for their roots. But, today carrot is more preferred for its root!
Carrot juice is awesome, because it offers a lot of benefits for our overall health. However, it can really help to improve your skin health too. You can use it internally for detox or externally to get rid of scars. Regular consumption of carrot juice will help you get an even complexion. Let's discuss the various carrot juice benefits for skin.
Importance of Regular Consumption
Consuming carrot juice regularly, for a long-term will lead to well-hydrated glowing skin. Thus, the skin will not get dry and skin conditions like eczema can be avoided. Also, long-term use of carrot juice will avoid pre-mature aging because of its rich antioxidant content. So, you will prevent wrinkles, and those who have wrinkles will see a reduction in the intensity of wrinkles and dark skin spots.
Carrot Juice Skin Benefits
Carrot reduces scars
Carrot juice reduces scars
~ Potassium-rich carrot juice prevents "skin dryness".
~ Carrot juice helps to reduce "blemishes" and "scars".
~ Drinking the juice keeps body and skin "well-hydrated".
~ It's a common ingredient in many "skin-care products".
~ Carrots contains essential oils which help in good digestion, and thus prevent "acne".
Carrot juice makes the skin soft and smooth
Carrot juice makes the skin soft and smooth
~ It has anti-inflammatory property, and helps to "revitalize and tone the skin".
~ Drinking the juice regularly will keep your skin "moisturized, smooth, soft, and supple".
~ Carrot juice is also helpful for treating uneven skin tones, which occurs due to "pigmentation".
~ Vitamin A, necessary for "tissue growth" is in abundance in carrots and you can avoid supplements.
Carrot juice improves skin elasticity
Carrot juice improves skin elasticity
~ Antioxidants "prevent skin problems" like eczema, dermatitis, wrinkles and even rashes.
~ Carotenoids and antioxidants increase the skin's immunity against sun and help in healing "sunburn".
~ Vitamin C helps in collagen production, which improves skin elasticity and prevents "wrinkles".
Other Health Benefits of Carrot Juice
Carrot juice helps prevent cancer
Carrot juice helps prevent cancer
~ Vitamin A in carrot is essential for "good vision".
~ A lot of research is going on to find out a possible association between carrot juice and cancer.
~ Carrot juice contains many essential vitamins and minerals, which help in the "prevention of cancer".
Carrot juice strengthens the immune system of the body
Carrot juice strengthens immunity
~ Drinking carrot juice "removes indigestible fibers" from the body.
~ Carrot juice increases the overall "immunity" of the body.
~ A daily intake of 1 cup of carrot juice also helps in the prevention of "heart diseases", and reduces the possibility of a "stroke".
Carrot Juice Facts
Carrot juice is rich in calcium and other vitamins
Carrot juice is rich in calcium and other vitamins
~ Many people tend to apply carrot pulp to their skin topically to get rid of blemishes/scars, however carrot juice benefits better for skin health if consumed internally.
~ Carrot is rich in nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin A ,and vitamin C. A cup, that is about 240 ml of carrot juice, contains only 90 calories.
Carrot juice has a lot of natural sugar; diabetics must limit its consumption
Carrot juice has a lot of natural sugar
~ Drink 1 cup (8 ounces) of carrot juice daily but do not drink more than this amount, as it won't be absorbed by the body. Also, over-consumption of carrot juice can turn your complexion yellowish-orange temporarily.
~ Diabetics should drink less amount of carrot juice, because it contains a lot of natural sugar.
You can add any fruit blend for tastier carrot juice
You can add any fruit blend for tastier carrot juice
~ If you don't like the taste of carrot juice, mixing carrot juice with other food juices is a good idea.
~ Some tasty combinations are carrot and orange, carrot and mango, carrot and blackberry, banana and carrot, beet and carrot, pineapple and carrot, etc. In this way, you are including more nutrients in the juice, and at the same time you will be making it more appetizing.
For gaining the maximum benefits of carrot juice for skin and overall health; always try to drink juice made of fresh carrots. Avoid bottled carrot juices. I am sure, now that you know the various carrot juice benefits, you would also include a daily cup of carrot juice in your diet, for a healthy skin and body.