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Daily Struggles of Anyone Who Has Dry Skin

Daily Struggles of Anyone Who Has Dry Skin
The skin is the largest organ of our body and our first line of defense against diseases and infections. No wonder, it should be maintained properly. Every skin type is different and so are its problems. People with dry skin have to struggle everyday to protect it from dehydrating. There are many more issues related with it and only those who have dry skin can truly relate to them.
Puja More
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Dry skin needs a lot of moisturizer
No matter how much moisturizer you use, dry skin will always look deprived of moisture. It feels rough, dry, and dehydrated. Moisture is the biggest need of dry skin, and alcohol-free toners and moisturizers are the best options to provide just that.
Lip balm for chapped lips.
Chapped lips are synonymous with dry skin. The only solution to prevent them is using lip balm frequently. It is your dry lip's lifesaver. Don't just look for the word balm while buying a lip balm. Check for ingredients like petroleum (it locks the moisture) and dimethicone (helps healing the cracks in dry lips).
Winters are a nightmare for people with dry skin.
You know all too well what accompanies winter weather - dry dehydrated skin. The dead skin cells make the skin look ash-coated, and the skin at the elbows can become an eyesore. For people who have dry skin, these are reasons enough to worry about. Keep moisturizing your skin and lips. Avoid super-hot baths or showers during winters (even if feels good). Use cold creams as a makeup removal during winters.
Continuous irritation and itching for dry skin
The drop in temperature and humidity wreaks havoc on dry skin, which leads to a lot of irritation and itching. Add baby oil or oatmeal soaks to your bath to reduce the itchiness. Don't shower for long. Just pat your skin dry with a soft towel instead of rubbing it hard.
Dry skin causes dandruff
Like the buy one get one free offer, a dry scalp accompanies dry skin. Dry scalp causes scaly flakes which further causes dandruff, and those who suffer from it are quite familiar with its consequences. Use lemon juice to wash hair. Keep it moisturized by using moisturizing conditioners. A humidifier can be of great help too, but don't forget to clean it every 2/3 days.
Acens is one of the big issues
It's a misconception that dry skin doesn't produce oil. However, it produces a lot of oil, rather the skin cannot hold it because it lacks moisture (which is because of dehydrated skin), resulting in extra oil production and oil-clogged pores and acne. Also, dry skin has some microscopic cracks where bacteria may reside and create breakouts.
Skin tightens after washing
As soon as the face is washed, the skin becomes tight. This is because the water gets drained off the skin immediately after washing and it loses its moisture. This causes the dead cells to build up again. Avoid bar soap (even if it says that it moisturizes), choose cleansing gels that do not contain ingredients like Sodium Lauryl (or Laureth) Sulfate and Ammonium Lauryl (or Laureth), Sulfate, or look for those gels that are listed as "Sulfate-free".
Shaving and waxing dry skin is painful
With dry skin, waxing or shaving is painful and often causes rashes on hands and legs. The skin looks like a desert terrain. Use an exfoliating scrub before waxing. This will help get rid of dead cells, making it easy for the hair to be pulled from the root. Avoid wearing tight cloths and exposure to sun for at least 24 hours after waxing.
Apply make-up carefully when the skin is dry.
One has to be extra careful while applying makeup. Chances are that if you happen to wear a bit more or less, then the face makeup may look like a mask. Use a moisturizer at the base after washing your face. Use liquid and cream-based makeup products, and avoid (or use less) powder.
Nothing lucky about having dry skin.
There is nothing lucky about having dry skin. Instead, it's a difficult situation to face everyday. The problems may seem trivial, but the solution to those are not easy.