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Does Cocoa Butter Heal Scars?

Does Cocoa Butter Heal Scars?
Many of us have small and almost unnoticeable scars on our hands or face. Most of these scars appear in our teens as a result of pimples and other minor and negligible injuries. One of the effective remedies that helps to heal scars is cocoa butter.
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Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018
Myth Melted!
According to the FDA, butter is either prepared entirely from milk, cream, or both. Keeping this definition in mind, according to facts, cocoa butter is not a butter. Instead it is a natural fat obtained from cocoa beans -- seeds found inside the fruits of the cacao tree.
Cocoa butter is a vegetable fat extract that has a pale yellow appearance. This extract is semisolid in state and resembles a bar of butter.

Commercially sold cocoa butter is usually extracted from cocoa beans and is used for a variety of purposes, like making chocolate, in pharmaceuticals, preparing ointments, and a variety of other toiletries.
At times, a simple cube or bar of cocoa butter is characterized by a lingering flavor of cocoa along with a slight aroma. Among them, one of the least-known uses of cocoa butter is that it is an excellent home remedy for removal of scars! So, does cocoa butter heal scars? Let's find the answer.
Does Cocoa Butter Help Get Rid of Scars?
The answer is a definite yes! Cocoa butter is a primitive cosmetic that has been used by women for a long period of time. Before the development of cosmetics, cocoa butter was used in a variety of primitive ointments and beauty remedies. Today, though not used as a direct remedy, cocoa butter is used as an ingredient in a wide range of cosmetics. There are several properties of cocoa butter that make it an excellent healer of scars, especially the ones that appear on your hands and face.
How Cocoa Butter Works?
Cocoa butter, being a natural product, is used for cooking as well as for skin care. It moisturizes not only the upper layer of skin -- epidermis, but also the middle layer known as dermis. Pure cocoa butter is free from all the harsh chemicals and is rich in Vitamin E that helps in skin repair. A scar disrupts the tone of the entire skin. The unevenness is especially noticed due to the fact that the color of the scar is extremely light as compared to the rest of the skin. The differentiation of the tone of the skin color often remains, even after the scars heal. Cocoa butter helps the scarred skin to match with the rest of the skin. At times, if you are lucky enough, the scar totally disappears and the skin gets healed completely. Apart from softening and moisturizing (it locks moisture in the deepest skin layers), cocoa butter will smooth out your skin tone and texture, as a result of which the scars seem less noticeable. It is always good if you opt for a product that contains collagen, vitamin E, elastin, and cocoa butter. All the four elements keep your skin well-hydrated, thus maintaining skin elasticity. One can even use plain cocoa butter after the scar has been healed.
The concern areas on your body would be the stomach, hips, legs, and chest (in case of stretch marks), or maybe a scrapped knee (caused while playing), face, hands, etc. You can apply cocoa butter daily to these areas and see the difference.
How to Use Cocoa Butter on Scars
Cocoa butter
One of the best features of using cocoa butter as a healing agent for scars is that it is an excellent moisturizer and helps the human skin retain the amount of required moisture. The moisture that is retained in the skin helps the skin tissues to regrow.
  • Wash the affected area clean with a gentle soap, and pat it dry with a soft towel.
  • Take some cocoa butter on your hand and rub it gently on the scars/stretch marks for a minute.
  • Let the butter get absorbed into your skin so that it remains moisturized.
  • Repeat this activity at least twice a day to see the miracles of cocoa butter lightening your scars.
Some More Benefits
  • Cocoa butter forms a protective layer of natural moisture and oil on the skin which protects the skin from all external weathering elements and prevents the regrowth of damaged tissues.

  • The best thing about cocoa butter is the wonderful smell which lasts for quite a long time, and moreover, you don't have to spend a lot of dollars, as it is quite inexpensive.
  • People living in regions that have harsh climatic conditions often apply a thin layer of cocoa butter on their skin in order to prevent weathering damage.

  • With regular use of cocoa butter, your skin becomes soft, smooth, and it starts to glow (for which you would usually have to spend God knows how many hours in a parlor!).
  • You can use cocoa butter in the form of lotion, oil, or stick, but I suggest you to go for the pure bar to get more benefits. So, go and get a cocoa butter bar, cut some pieces, put in it your hot bath and feel the magic.
Note: It is very essential to check whether your skin is compatible with cocoa butter to avoid any adverse reactions.
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