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Gold Eyeshadow

Gold Eyeshadow

The Midas touch is the latest trend in the world of eye makeup. Gold eyeshadow is a must have in your vanity cases, if you love doing up your eyes. In this article, we tell you how to pick the correct shade to suit your skin tone and also, how to apply the same.
Tulika Nair
We are done with the nudes and the pinks, the blacks are still hot but well, overdone. So, which is the best color to pick out this season to deck up your eyes. At Buzzle, we suggest that you pick out a palette in which the predominant color is gold. Gold eyeshadow is here to stay and is all set to become a huge trend. So, what is it that makes this metallic shade such a craze? Is it the fact that it one of those colors that can be worn with as much elan in the day, as at night, or is it the fact that with this metallic eyeshadow, you can go from prim and proper to oh-so-dramatic in a matter of minutes? Whatever the reason, use this color on your eyes to glam up on days when you feel low and look your dowdiest.

Choosing the Best Shade

Firstly, let us get the misconception that gold does not suit everyone, out of the way. The truth of the matter is that when you are talking about metallic colors like gold and silver, almost anyone can wear it. The trick it to remember to choose a color that blends with your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone like ebony or olive, then it is important that you wear dark shades of gold, and with cooler skin tones it is best to opt to wear lighter shades of gold, which favor the yellows. Picking the right shade completely depends on what kind of a look you are aiming at and obviously the application. With a subtle shade, you can look for a day finish that is dainty and porcelain doll like. With a darker hue, you can opt for a more dramatic look. This works especially well for nighttime, because most darker shades of eyeshadow in gold have bronze undertones. When looking for the perfect eyeshadow, there are some brands that will keep popping up in every list.
  • MAC has one of the most awesome shades of gold eyeshadow, especially for someone who is looking for a shade that will not come off easily and is long lasting.
  • Bobbi Brown is another brand that has a gorgeous shade which is perfect for those who are on the lookout for a dramatic color. You could team the shadow with a slightly darker shade in matte to create an eye-catching look.
  • For a day look, opt for the Bare Minerals range of eyeshadow, which gives the eyes the soft look that you are probably aiming for.
  • Another brilliant option is the Chanel Soft Touch that is extremely easy to apply. A smooth glide and you will have flawless look that you will love.
While wearing this metallic color, remember that you may need to mix it with other colors, to give the look a slightly unique touch. Just choose a shade that fits you perfectly, and you should be good to go.

How to Wear it

From a dramatic nighttime look, to a cool, daytime look, these tips should help you indulge in the latest trend in the eye makeup world.
  • For a very subtle daytime look, opt to apply a nude or pink eyeshadow, and then dust your eyelids with a light swipe of gold. This will add a bit amount of glitter and create a slight mystique in your look. Apply mascara to complete the look.
  • Another great look can be to make up your eyes using only gold eyeshadow. From your lash line to your upper eyelids, apply a shimmering shade. You can accentuate your eyes further by applying it to the lower eyelid as well. Top it off with a black mascara, and you should be ready.
  • A dramatic look for the nighttime can be achieved by mixing this metallic eyeshadow with a darker shade like black, or purple. Apply a thick layer of eyeshadow to your upper eyelids flaring it out to the sides and then apply a dark eyeshadow to the lower lid. Do not forget a thick line of black eyeliner and mascara to complete the look.
Wearing eyeshadow can be the perfect way to create drama in normal, monotonous day. Apply some glitter to your eye lids, and get ready to face the volley of compliments that are sure to fly your way.