How to Make Solid Perfumes at Home That You Can Be Proud Of

Making solid perfumes
We all want to live in a place that emits a beautiful and fresh aroma. For that, we use different air fresheners, scents, etc. Why not try to make something at home and live in the fragrance created by us! Here, we are giving DIY ideas to make solid perfumes at home easily! Solid perfumes are perfumes with a solid base instead of a liquid mix base. They can be made by either using beeswax or petroleum jelly as a base.
Using beeswax
Making solid perfumes using beeswax
Let's get the supplies
1) Beeswax
2) Carrier oil (sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.)
3) Fragrance oil of our choice (sandalwood, rose, vanilla, etc.)
4) Container to hold the perfume
5) Double boiler
How to make it
1) Depending on our requirement, crush the beeswax in a container and add equal amount of carrier oil to it.
2) Heat the mixture of crushed beeswax and carrier oil using a double boiler. If a double boiler is not available, place the container carrying the mixture in boiling water.
3) Once the beeswax has melt completely, add the selected fragrance oil to it, and stir using a thin stick.
4) After mixing properly, pour the mixture in the final container and leave it to harden for 30 minutes.
Using Petroleum Jelly
Makiing solid perfumes using petroleum jelly
Let's get the supplies
1) Petroleum jelly (original clear Vaseline can be used for best results)
2) Carrier oil (sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.)
3) Fragrance oil of our choice (sandalwood, rose, vanilla, etc.)
4) Container too hold the perfume
5) Small container to mix the oils
6) Double boiler
How to make it
1) Take half a spoon of carrier oil in a small container and add 20-25 drops of fragrance oil to it.
2) Take a heat-safe container and add a teaspoon of petroleum jelly to it.
3) Heat it using a double boiler or by keeping the heat-safe container in boiling water.
4) It may take a minute or less for the jelly to melt completely; once melted, add the mixed oils to it.
5) Stir the mixture well using a toothpick.
6) Pour it in a clean container and let it set for about 30 minutes.
Some Useful Tips
Solid perfumes
1) If the mixture of beeswax and carrier oil becomes too thick after melting, extra carrier oil can be added.
2) Add 10-15 drops of oil for a tablespoon of beeswax (more or less can be added, depending on how strong we want our perfume to be).
3) Do not heat the mixture directly or in a microwave. Let the mixture melt at low or medium heat.
4) Do not use a tablespoon or a thick stick to stir the mixture.

Experiment with different fragrances to experience divine smells!