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How to Remove Ingrown Armpit Hair

Ingrown hair in any part of the body can be a painful problem for most. This article gives you some tips on removing ingrown armpit hair.
BeautiSecrets Staff
As you must be aware of, an ingrown hair is one that has an abnormal way to grow. It grows in a curling direction, and somehow goes back into the follicle. In another case, it could also be one that does not grow out of the follicle thus, remaining embedded in the skin itself. So as the ingrown keeps pricking the skin, the body takes it to be a foreign substance and responds to it by causing swelling of the injured skin thus, causing the red raised bump on the affected site. Although this problem is more common with people having curly hair, it affects almost everyone at some point of time. Some common causes of this problem, according to experts include improper ways of shaving the skin, improper waxing, frequent use of depilatory products, etc.

Getting Rid of Ingrown Hair in Underarm
  • Since regular shaving is also a major reason for ingrown hair, reducing the frequency would help in lessening the occurrence of this problem.
  • An age-old remedy for relieving the swelling and irritation of an ingrown hair is to apply warm compress on the affected area of the armpit. The warmth will help in draining the pus from the bump (if any), and reduce the inflammation as well.
  • The above method of warm compress also helps in causing the ingrown hair to come to the surface. And once it does, use a rotatable medical device that can help you lift the hair without much difficulty and pain, and pluck it. Also such devices are less likely to cause damage to the surrounding skin or the follicle.
  • Exfoliating the skin is also an effective method to remove ingrown hair anywhere in the body. The hair that is troubling you, in most cases, gets trapped by oils, dirt, dust, dead skin cells, etc. So when you exfoliate the area regularly, you are actually getting rid of all such substances thus, helping the hair to come out of the skin. However, it is very important that you do it gently lest it may bleed. And when it does, it might increase the risk of an infection, making the problem worse.
  • Benzoyl peroxide happens to be an active ingredient of most creams that are used to treat acne. The advantage of this cream in that, it stimulates skin cells regeneration. This in turn helps the ingrown hair to make it to the surface and grow naturally. This product also gets rid of any pathogen that may cause an infection.
  • Not to forget, if you are using a pair of tweezers, ensure that they are sanitized with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. And once you are done plucking out the hair, dab the area with triple antibiotic ointment, to prevent infection.
  • And the final method for remove ingrown armpit hair is using a cream, developed specially for such problems. This cream, when applied to the area, helps in dissolving the ingrown hair thus, getting rid of it, and the skin irritation as well. By using this method you do not risk yourself to any infection. You can avail this product from any local chemist's store.
So these are some methods that you can employ to get rid of ingrown hair. However, you do not have to bother to treat such conditions, if you know how to prevent them in the first place. Shave in a direction of the hair growth, and trim the hair before shaving. It is also a good idea to take a hot shower before shaving, and so it is to use a good shaving cream. And to conclude, always use a sharp razor blade. Take care!