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Makeup Tips For Olive Skin

Flaunt Your Olive Skin Like a Diva With These Makeup Tips

The following article suggests tips on the best makeup for olive skin. Read on, for some useful eye and skin makeup tips for this skin tone.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: May 18, 2018
With so many women spending huge sums of money to get the perfect tan, if you are someone who has a natural olive skin, consider yourself blessed! Most of the time, all you need to do to make your skin look good, is to keep it cleansed and moisturized. However, if you want to increase your glamor quotient, here are some makeup and beauty tips to make you even more desirable to men.
Tips for Olive Skin Makeup
The first thing that you should do before applying any kind of makeup is to wash your face. So, invest in a good quality face wash, and cleanse your face of all impurities and oil. Pat dry with a soft towel, and your skin is ready for makeup.
Makeup Primer, Concealer and Foundation
An olive skin, compared to other skin types, is less likely to have flaws like acne, large pores, spots, or scars. So, if your skin is naturally clear, you can simply apply makeup primer, and dust some powder over it. However, if you have some of these skin flaws, wear a concealer, followed by a foundation. When it comes to choosing a foundation, make sure that you choose the right color. According to beauty experts, foundations with yellow or olive undertones look best on this skin type.
Blush and Highlighting Powder
Highlighting Powder
After the foundation has been applied, apply blush to your cheek bones. Go in for colors such as bronze, tans, peach, or apricot. After this, apply some bronze highlighting powder to your face, particularly the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. This shall be the best makeup to suit your olive skin.
Eye-Shadow, Mascara and Eye-liner
Make Kit
Dramatically dark eye makeup especially goes very well with olive skin. Some of the eye shadow colors, best suited for an olive skin, are chocolate, bronze, silver, metallic gold, and brown. For your eyes, you may use mascara liberally to get thick, long, and dark eye lashes. Eyeliner can be extended way out of the edge of the eyes to complete the dramatic look. Purple, green, or blue eye makeup look good too. So, if you are wearing a dress of any of these colors, you may match it up with makeup.
Women with olive skin should opt for lipstick in any of the shades of brown. Plum, wine, terracotta, and bronze are some of the other colors that might do well. Some lipstick shades that you should avoid are pink and orange. Apply a lip liner which is one shade darker than the lipstick, and then wear the lipstick inside. It will make your lips look luscious and kissable. Otherwise, if you want to keep your look subtle, you can opt for a clear lip gloss, and do away with lipsticks all together.
Makeup Set
Besides these tips, you can even consider experimenting with your hair to jazz up your look. You can opt for changing your hair style, or even coloring your hair. Some of the best hair colors for olive-toned skin are red, burgundy, golden brown, light golden brown, and strawberry blond. In the end, it can be said that with the right selection of makeup and hair colors, women with olive skin are bound to look like divas.