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Purpose of a Skin Toner

Purpose of a Skin Toner

You may have often been advised to use a skin toner. But, what is the purpose of a skin toner? How does it affect your skin? Find the answers to these questions in this upcoming BeautiSecrets article.
Puja Lalwani
You've probably heard of the ideal skin care routine, i.e., cleanse, tone, and moisturize. You are aware about what cleansing is and definitely familiar with the moisturizing routine. A skin toner can be described as a cleansing agent as well as a moisturizing agent for dry skin. A stronger version of a toner is an astringent that is used for oily skin. A toner meant for this purpose contains alcohol to be able to clear the skin of the excess oil. Toners are ideally meant for sensitive skin, and therefore, are a great choice when it comes to a sensitive and dry skin.

How do Skin Toners Help?

The purposes of skin toners are varied, but they are ultimately beneficial for several reasons.

➜ Normally, to remove makeup, you would use a cleanser. However, after the cleansing routine, the use of a toner helps in removing any makeup residue and residue from the cleanser too. Anything that the use of a cleanser may have missed, the toner will take care of.

➜ The skin has a natural pH balance, which is affected by the use of a variety of skin products as well as exposure to pollution, etc. A toner helps in regaining this lost balance, and gives the skin a more radiant look.

➜ The purpose of a toner also includes hydrating the dry skin. You may also use a toner for oily skin, which contains alcohol and is known as an astringent. It is particularly beneficial for those who have an acne-prone skin.

➜ The regular use of a toner helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, which are generally most prominent around the eyes and lips.

➜ A toner may be simply used to rejuvenate the skin in the middle of the day and to give your face a refreshed and dewy look.

➜ Toners even protect the skin, as they are known to provide antioxidant protection.

➜ A toner's purpose also includes reducing the size of open pores on the face thereby making the skin look clear and flawless.

How to Use a Toner

► A toner is meant to be used after the use of a cleanser. At the end of the day, first use a cleanser. Then, apply some toner with the help of a cotton swab all over your face. Follow it up with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

► Some toners are also available in spritz bottles, so you may opt for those. If you have skin lesions caused due to acne breakouts, use an alcohol-free toner so that it doesn't irritate the skin. Also, apply the toner on the clear parts first, and then, clean the affected area with the toner.

► This will prevent the bacteria from spreading over the rest of the skin and prevent further breakouts. Many skin experts believe that the use of a toner is not necessary. They believe that the cleansing products available in the market today are safe enough for use and don't leave behind any residue on the skin.

► Even if they do, experts believe that their traces can be eliminated just by splashing water on the face after the use of a cleanser. For dry skin, a moisturizer is found to be as effective in hydrating the skin, even without the use of a toner.

► Some experts also say that while a skin toner's purpose is to take care of oily skin, an overuse leads to excessive drying of the skin, unless the skin is extremely oily. In such a case, a good cleanser, used along with an oil-free moisturizer, should do the trick. Thus, many experts argue that the use of a toner for the skin is completely optional.

For you to decide whether you need toners, you will have to opt for the trial-and-error method. See how your skin feels with the use of a toner. Do you think it makes you look better? Does your skin have a glow after using it? Is there a difference in the texture of your skin after using a toner? If you see all these benefits, buying a skin toner is definitely a worthwhile investment. On the other hand, if you experience these benefits with just cleansing and moisturizing, a toner is rendered useless, and you may drop its use from your daily skin care routine.