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Essential Tips to Apply Blush for Different Face Shapes

Tips to Apply Blush for Different Face Shapes
Finding the perfect blush application technique that complements your face shape can be a challenge. But with BeautiSecrets by your side, creating an illusion of a healthy glow just by applying blush is a no-brainer.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
The Art of Picking the Best Blusher (for you)
  1. Powder blush - Pick a sheer color with light shimmer that goes on smooth over your skin and stays put for a long time.
  2. Cream blush - Use your fingers to apply a creamy, non-greasy blush to get that age-defying effect.
  3. Liquid blush - A silicone-based oil-free formula is what you need to look for as it suits every skin type and doesn't clog the pores.
Ever since the onset of makeup, the blush has been its irreplaceable and integral part. One of the most essential reasons makeup artists can't live without it is because it adds that perfect flush of color and gives your skin an instant glow. But unlike supermodels and celebrities, who always have such flawless makeup, most of us have doubts and concerns like 'how' and 'where' to apply blush on different face shapes.

If you happen to have such doubts, then perhaps this article can provide you with the necessary solution. But before we touch that subject, you should have a clear idea on what your face shape is. This information comes in handy as it helps you figure out the right placement of blush that compliments your features and facial structure. So, to explain how and where you should be applying blush for your face shape, we have provided some helpful tips below.
The Diamond-shaped Face
Face is widest at the cheekbones, and narrow at the chin and hairline.
Diamond shaped Face
Starting from the top of your cheekbones, blend the blush as you move upwards, going closer to your ears. Use a blush brush in a sweeping, circular movement as it will draw attention to the cheekbones and eyes.
The Heart-shaped Face
Wide forehead along with high cheekbones, narrow, slightly pointed chin, and a widow's peak.
Heart Shaped Face
Apply blush from the outer (upper) corner of the cheekbones, blending the color upwards (steeply) in a circular motion and going closer to your ears. This will make your chin appear softer.
The Inverted Triangle-shaped Face
High cheekbones, narrow chin, and wide forehead.
Inverted Triangle Shaped Face
Using straight, sweeping movements with a blush brush, apply the color across the middle of your chin line. If you feel that your cheekbones appear wide, then move the color slightly upward towards your ears.
The Oblong-shaped Face
Narrow, long face, wide jawline, and hairline with no definite corners.
Oblong Shaped Face
Without going below the tip of your nose, start applying the blush on your cheekbones (broad) and taper upwards near the outer corner of your eyes.
The Oval-shaped Face
Long face with narrow forehead and jawline than the cheekbones.
Oval Shape Face
Either with a blush brush or your fingers, sweep the color directly over your cheekbones moving closer to your ears. This will accentuate the natural contours of your face.
The Pear-shaped Face
Narrow forehead and wide, rounder jawline.
Pear Shaped Face
In order to minimize your round jawline, apply blush at an angle starting from the apples of your cheeks. As you go upward, closer to the temples, swipe the brush at an angle.
The Round-shaped Face
Length and width of the face is same, with cheeks slightly wider.
Round Shaped Faces
Starting from your ears, sweep the blush in a downward movement coming over the cheekbones. You can also blend a bit of blush over your chin to make your face appear less rounded.
The Square-shaped Face
Similar length and width of hairline and jawline.
Square Shaped Face
Sweeping blush in an arch or half moon manner, apply the color over the apples of your cheeks moving upwards, closer to the outer corner of your eyes.
The Triangle-shaped Face
Narrow forehead and cheekbones with slightly square jawline.
Triangular Shaped Face
Similar to a heart-shaped face, apply blush from the outer corner of the cheekbones, blending the color upwards in a circular motion and going closer to your ears.
Should you smile when applying blush?
No! If you do so, what happens is that when you relax your face, the placement of blush will come downward, dragging your facial features along with it.

➜ Instead, keep your face totally relaxed and follow the directions mentioned above for specific face shapes.
Now that you have a pretty good idea about 'where' to apply blush, perhaps the next logical step will be to choose the right blush shade that suits your skin tone.

Many women are under the impression that a blush should only be concentrated on the cheeks. However, the fact remains that a real flush doesn't just appear on the cheeks. As we mentioned earlier, what we're looking for is an illusion of a healthy, natural glow as opposed to a look-at-me-there-is-blush-on-my-cheeks result. So, follow the tips mentioned in the article to get a visible, positive difference in your appearance.