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Tips to do Poison Ivy Makeup at Home

Tips to do Poison Ivy Makeup at Home

A beautiful femme fatale, an Eco-terrorist, who always appears to be at odds with Batman in the Batman comic series. She acts like Mother Nature protecting the plants from danger but tackling her enemies with just a poisonous kiss and if you wish to look like her then here are some easy Poison Ivy makeup tips to try at home.
Mary Anthony
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018
Since the Poison Ivy character was originally based on Bettie Page during its debut, the character adopted the famous Bettie hairstyle. Bettie Page was an American sex symbol and pin-up model in the 1950s.
The creators at DC decided to give Batman a new villianess, who would play a nature protector with a malicious psycho twist to her character - and so Poison Ivy was born. Based loosely on a character from Rappaccini's Daughter a short story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1844, the character was originally created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Sheldon Moldoff in 1966. This beautiful seductress is attracted to dangerous plants and her weapon of destruction is a rather sweet, but at the same time an arsenic seductive kiss. Her look, makeup, and costume are inspired from the plant kingdom and she appears to be the sexy version of Mother Nature. With Halloween round the corner you can dress up like this exquisite temptress, follow these easy makeup tips to get her vicious look. 
Become a fiery Red Head
red hair
Striking Red Hair
Choose a red shade for your hair according to your skin tone. If you have a light skin tone, go for auburn, copper, or strawberry color. If you have a medium skin tone, go for a slightly darker shade of red, also if you just highlight your hair red it will still stand out. If you have a darker skin tone, then go for bright red color, the contrasting hair color will be a striking feature.

Bleach your hair to a lighter shade two weeks before dying it red. Choose a hair dye that suits your scalp and make sure that you have done the patch test before using the dye. Ensure the dye covers your whole hair, keep it for the stipulated time and Voila! you are a red queen.

If you don't wish to color your hair, then a red wig will come in handy, or you can also use a spray-in hair color that washes out easily. 

Leave your tresses loose over your shoulders and curl it with a large-barrel curling iron for a sexy voluptuous waves look or tie it up like two pointed hair buns on top to give it an evil temptress look. Include a bit of fake ivy in the hair to complete the hairstyle.
Your Eyes in Shades of Green
Apply a golden green or greenish blue eye shadow that gives your eyes a smoldering smokey look. Add a little sparkle to it by applying green glitter. 

You can focus on your eyebrows by applying poison ivy fall leaves to it, also apply a glittery scrolling ivy vine to the side of the eyes for a villianess look. Darker lush fake eyelashes will complete the look. 

Those who have brown eyes should use an eyeshadow will blue undertone as it will accentuate the orange tone of the brown eyes. Those who have natural green eyes use a jade or darker olive eye shadow. Those who have blue eyes use dark shade or mossy green. 

For the eyeliner use a greenish eyeliner for upper and lower lash line, using a pencil eyeliner will look good on the inner rims of the eyes. Include light-green veined look on the forehead and side of the eye for a more realistic look. 
As her kiss is fatal, a bright red or crimson red lips will do justice to the look but you can also try a green shade in accord with her eco-theme. Those who have dark and fair skin tone, use dark green lip color, if it's glossy then even better. Also neon green lip color goes well with a darker skin tone. Use a green lip pencil to outline and feature your lips. 

Some good green lip color brands that you can choose from are Barry M Touch of Magic, L'paige Green Aloe Vera Lipstick, Superstar Neon, Green People Organic Lipstick, and Serpentine Dark Forest Green Poison Ivy Lipstick by Lime Crime. 
Darker and Vicious Nail Art
Keeping with the Eco-femme fatale theme the nail art can be done in dark green or shades of green mixed with darker shades like black, deep red, or deep purple. 

You can match your nails with the fake fall leaves on your eyebrows and create a statement by painting your nails fiery red, orange and yellow. Recommended will be a marijuana plant printed/Ivy plant printed long nails done in deep green and golden. 
Additional tip: Keep your face free from blush. Let the clear skin look contrast to the red hair and green makeup. Get ready to rock your style with these makeup tips and make others go green with envy when they look at you!