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Chic and Classy Tips to Touch Up Makeup in the Middle of the Day

Tips to Touch Up Makeup in the Middle of the Day
Every morning, we girls put in so much effort to apply makeup so as to look attractive. But by midday, all our efforts smudge and crumble. A touch up is definitely required to look presentable till the end of the day.
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Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Clean the makeup
1) For oily skin, first dab away the excess oil on your face. Use blotting paper instead of powder to refresh your complexion.
2) Sponge and press it lightly on your face. Remember, you don't have to rub off all the makeup. Remove all of your lipstick though.
3) If things are messy under your eyes because of eyeliner, use a moisturizer to clean it. Use your finger or cotton buds for this purpose. Moisturizers should be used, since they don't break down the makeup, and are easy cleanup tools.
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1) Apply a layer of lip conditioner or balm before you start working on your face, to soften your lips.
2) Use foundation to cover the worn-out areas of your face. Apply extra concealer under your eyes if it looks a bit too dark. It even highlights the center of your face.
3) Use a sponge to gently smoothen all the foundation and concealer.
4) Apply a light layer of pressed powder on your face.
5) Then, apply your favorite blush on the apples of your cheeks to give your complexion a radiant boost.
Apply eyeliner and eyeshadow
1) If your eyeliner or eyeshadow has smudged, blot the area gently with a tissue or with the corner of your makeup sponge.
2) Then, with the help of a soft eyeshadow brush, smoothen the remaining color. Use a translucent pressed powder to catch excess oil, if any.
3) Apply a suitable color of eyeshadow to balance your makeup, and reapply the eyeliner.
Apply lipstick
1) With the help of a tissue, remove extra lip balm or conditioner applied in the beginning. Reapply lip liner and lipstick to enhance the beauty of your face.
2) Foundation or pressed powder can get trapped in your eyebrows. Touch them up with the help of a lip balm, This will fix the problem and keep your brows in shape.
3) Take a close look at your makeup again, and brush up with pressed powder or blush if needed.
1) Don t apply too much foundation. Slightly dampen the sponge to blend out and soften the excess foundation. If you are in a lot of hurry, just dust some pressed powder on instead of using foundation.
2) Don t use too much blush. You may end up having strange patches on your cheeks. Use a clean kabuki brush for this purpose.
3) Avoid making double lines while applying lip liner.
Girls, makeup is like an art, and so, you need to do it carefully, skillfully, and patiently. For starters, these tips to touch up your makeup during the day will help you in a long way.
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