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17 Ways to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

17 Ways to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

Look cool this summer with ocean-inspired eye makeup in bold shades of blue. BeautiSecrets brings you ideas to wear oceans of blue on your eyes.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Choose bright colors carefully
When you select colors, remember that dark ones deepen or hollow features, while light ones will make the eyes stand out. They can look great, but they instantly draw attention to the eyes, and run the risk of looking unnatural.
It's time to bring out the teals, aquamarines, cobalts, and stunning blues from your vanity kit, and look uber cool this summer. Vibrant blue shades don't just stay, but end up creating striking looks on the wearer.

The trend that started in the Victorian period was considered a sign of beauty and innocence. Modernized versions of eyeshadow are bold, bright, and definitely not for the faint at heart. You can wear electrifying shades teamed with neutrals for a dazzling night out with your friends, or stick to bare minimal with pastel and icy blue shades of shadow for the day. All you got to remember is to stay cool while wearing blue eyeshadow.
Looks to Pull-off this Summer
Cerulean Blue Eyeshadow
Define your lids with a thin line of cerulean eyeshadow as a liner
Dark Sky Blue Eyeshadow
Add a touch of color to your evening with a sky blue shadow and bright-colored shades
Electric Blue Azure eyeshadow
Bedazzle the evening with stick-on jewels to highlight electrifying blue eyeshadow
Imperial Blue eyeshadow
Color me pretty with an imperial blue eyeshadow to line the lower lid
Lapis Lazuli Blue Eyeshadow
Blue with hints of greenish-yellow and bronze highlights is definitely in
Medium persian blue eyeshadow
Get the absolute smokey eye with gray and Persian blue shadow to highlight the lids
Midnight Blue eyeshadow
Have a perfect Cinderella story, with midnight blue shadow covering your entire eyelid
Ocean Blue eyeshadow
A.k.a mermaid-inspired makeup, done with ocean blue eyeshadow
Oxford Blue eyeshadow
Pale blues and whites, paired with a darker oxford blue, can create a very iced look
Palatinate Blue and Green eyeshadow
Peacocks are known for the visual treat they provide with vibrant hues
Persian Blue eyeshadow
Skip the matte finish shadows, and get a wing done with shimmering Persian blue
Teal Blue eyeshadow
Highlight the ocean blue of your eyes with a teal blue shadow over your upper lids
Violet Blue eyeshadow
It's all about being the Drama Queen with red hot lips and violet blue eyeshadow
Makeup Tips to Wear Blue Eyeshadow
Determine the right shade
Your skin tone and the color of your eyes should be taken into consideration when using blue eyeshadow. Makeup is meant to stand out on your skin, which is why, choosing paler tones works for those with light skin, while darker and brighter hues are best left for those with darker skin tones.

Let your eye color help you pick the right shade of eyeshadow. As a rule, never match the eyeshadow to your eye color.
Always start with a primer
It's better to be safe than sorry when using bright and bold colors like blue. In order to make the color look its dazzling best, ensure that you apply a layer of eye primer on your eyelids. Following this step diligently will ensure the color looks great all day.
Use at least two shades of blue
Playing with two colors gives dimension, which is why, you ought to have at least two shades of blue in your vanity case. Use the lighter shade to go all over your lid, while keeping the darker shade to line the outer corner of your lid. Also keep a navy-blue or richer blue eyeliner and mascara ready to complement your look.
Pair it right
The main idea behind using a bright color for the eyes is to draw attention to them. Unless you want to create a high-drama situation, you should go easy with your face makeup. Stick to bare minimal when using electrifying colors like blues and greens. The rule is to balance out your makeup when wearing solid colors on the eyes.
Blend it well
The most important rule to be remembered is to blend the colors really well, to perfect the look. Anything that is not blended well, will result in an overdone face, and I bet, nobody ever wants to look overdone.
Don't forget the mascara
Give volume to your lashes as well as intensify the vibrant color with a good coat of mascara. You can alternately use falsies to dramatically lengthen your lashes, and add to the vibrancy of the moment.