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8 Beautiful Pastel Hair and Makeup Ideas That are Stylishly Fly

8 Beautiful Pastel Hair and Makeup Ideas
Pastel makeup looks trendy. And the best thing is that, it goes with any skin color. The perfect makeup paired with the perfectly suiting hairdo can make an elegant look. Right from subtly sweet to perfect full-on vamp. Here are some awesome pastel hair and makeup ideas.
Apurva Neurgaonkar
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Mint Eyes and Sherbet Lips
Orange and Green Makup
Who said mint only made your breath smell good? You can make your makeup look good too with this trendy color. Pair it with sherbet lips and you will look out of this world! An inspiration to the next cocktail party definitely!!!
Peacock Blue Eye Makeup
Peacock Blue
Flaunt this color in style with peacock blue eyeshadow. Blend green, blue, and purple eyeshadow for an eye-catching and flashy peacock-inspired look.
Orange Eye Makeup
Orange Eye Makeup
Recreate the color of fall on your eyelids with some orange eye makeup. It's a trendy color and much more wearable than you think!
**Other pastel makeup you could don are coral blush, bold blush, orange to pink eye and face makeup, radiant orchid lips, bold blended bands.
Green Hair Color
Go Green
Go green with a green hair look. If you don't want to dye your hair completely, you can always paint the tips green, or even wear a wig. There are temporary sprays available too if you're keen on temporary coloring.
Hues of Lavender
Hues Of Lavender
Brighten up a gloomy day with this vibrant shade of lavender! Aside from looking awesome, this vibrant color does pretty much make you look like something mythical, like a unicorn or a mermaid.
** Other ideas are aqua teal, intense fuchsia, witchy blue hair, baby pink, lilac.
Pastel Goth Ideas
Eerie Hair
Go creative with your hair color. You can dye your hair into various colors like light pink, mint green, lavender, darker purple, and platinum blond which is almost white. And, if you don't want to dye your hair, you can buy cute pastel-colored wigs. Accessorize with little horn hair clips, skeleton hands clips, black sparkly bat clips, and spiky headbands to give it an eerier look.
Bat Eyeshadow
Go crazy with the goth look with heavily-lined brows, thick eyeliners, colored eyebrows, and dark lipstick colors like oxblood, crimson, purple, dark-brown, deep-plum, blood-red lipstick, or matte black. And don't forget to paint your nails in spooky colors.
Goth Dressup
Goth Shoes
Corsets! The ultimate item of Goth clothing. Not only are they feminine, they come in different styles, sizes, and colors, and everyone can wear them. Finish your look with a web-shaped mini or fishtail skirt. Industrial goth is more towards the metallic side. Accessorize with a bunch of statement necklaces, like inverted cross, bats, pentacles, bats, and dripping blood. Last but not the least, complete your look with huge chunky boots with elements of metal, such as chains and studs.