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A Blush Vs. Bronzer Debate is Akin to Comparing Sheen and Shine

Blush Vs. Bronzer
If you are in the dilemma of what should you choose to apply, a blush or a bronzer (?!), then this is the right article for you. Read more for when and how you should apply a blush and a bronzer.
Foram Mehta
Last Updated: May 7, 2018
Make up is a woman's best friend and her lucky charm. When she's out on a date, or when she is looking out for one, all she needs is some makeup and she gets what she wants. Choosing between applying a blush or a bronzer has always been a matter of bewilderment for women. I am going to sort this out for you.

Blush and bronzer can be used as substitutes as well as complimentary products. A blush is generally used to give the rosy pink or a highlighting effect on your cheek bones. Whereas a bronzer is used to give a suntanned look and also to highlight a suntan.
When Should You Use a Blush?
Adding some subtle color
A blush is normally used to highlight your cheekbones, basically to contour your cheeks.
When Should You Use a Bronzer?
woman doing makeup in front of a mirror
You should use a bronzer when you want to give a tanned look to yourself. It glows and looks ravishing when paired with the right make up and clothes.
Choosing Between a Blush and a Bronzer
When you are choosing a blush or a bronzer, choose the shade that matches the shade of your lip color and your eye makeup. You can use a blush and a bronzer; both to contour your face irrespective of what your skin tone and complexion is. Though it is the safest to follow the basic things listed below, if you are a makeup newbie.
For a Fair Skin Tone
For a regular use it is best to avoid a bronzer if you have a very fair skin tone. This is because bronzers are used to give a dark and a suntanned look which will not really blend with porcelain beauty's skin tone.

Shades: You can opt for a soft peach, pinks or a light shade of rose to highlight your cheekbones using a blush. Darker shades don't really look nice. The shade should be such that the blush applied should look natural.
Olive / Wheatish Skin
This complexion is darker than the fair skin tone, hence they can use a blush or a bronzer as equal substitutes.

Shades: Women with olive complexions can use a darker shade of rose, pinks or soft peaches as these shades will easily blend with their skin tone. Bronzer or a blush both will give a glow to your face.
Dark Skin
Women with a dark skin tone can use both a bronzer and a blush as substitutes too.

Shades: When applying a bronzer apply a shade darker then your own skin shade. Shades that you can experiment with are burgundy, plum, and deep pink.
How To Apply a Blush or a Bronzer
How should you apply a blush and a bronzer? If you are using a blush it needs to be applied on the apple of the cheeks (cheek bones). If you are applying a bronzer then, use it mainly on cheek bones, under the jawline, and forehead.

Tip: Look in the mirror and simply SMILE :) and then apply a blush or a bronzer on the apple of your cheek.
Applying Them Together
You can apply a blush and a bronzer together. This practice is also commonly used. You can either use two contrast colors or two similar colors and work with them differently. Use the blush to highlight your cheekbones and then use a bronzer to cover other parts. A contrast combination of dark colors can be used, when you are wearing a wild-dark look.
What Should Be Applied First?
A blush is always advised to be applied first. Though that does not apply if you are using a bronzer which is in the form of a cream. The best option is to use a cream blush and then apply a dry bronzer on it.
Blush and Bronzer Formations
Blushes and bronzers are available in the form of powder, cream, gel and shimmer. Let's see when can you use them.
  • Powder Form: Use the powdered form of blush or bronzer if you have oily skin. Blush or bronzer in the powder form blends perfectly well with oily skin.
  • Cream: Blushes and bronzers in the form of a cream are most suitable for dry skin.
  • Gels: Blushes and bronzers in the form of gels can be applied by almost all skin types (avoid using them on extremely dry skin). They dry off really fast so you will have to act really fast if you are trying to blend two to three shades together.
  • Shimmers: Shimmers are beautiful. They make you look angel like! They are a little difficult to wear because once it has been applied on your skin, it will not come off easily. Use shimmers for evenings and night as the glow and the effect will look perfect then.
Bronzer makeup
Powder Form
Pink Blush-on
Liquid bronzer isolated on white
Isolated rouge makeup with brush
Brushes to be Used
There are a variety of brushes that you choose from. Though I am mentioning just the few basic brushes used commonly.
  • Powder Formation (Blush / Bronzer) - Soft Brush
  • Creamy Formulations- Fingers, flat, buffing brush, and synthetic brush.
brown makeup brush isolated on white
Professional makeup brush on pink blush
Apply a blush or a bronzer after you are done with your eye makeup and lipstick. Do it with a light hand because, you darken the shade or increase the area covered in the second or the third time, but if you apply a lot in just the first time, it's not going to be an easy task removing it.

Always remove the makeup with a cleanse. Keep your skin moisturized and makeup free whenever you can. Please do not binge on makeup, you can be extremely beautiful in your own skin too. Sport that look sometimes!
"Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world." - Marilyn Monroe