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Go Get Gorgy With These 5 Easy Makeup Tips for Deep-set Eyes

5 Easy Makeup Tips for Deep-set Eyes
Applying flawless makeup for deep-set eyes requires the right product choices and learning the correct techniques. BeautiSecrets gives you 5 easy tips to follow, and succeed in getting those luscious eyes noticed.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Always use a magnifying mirror (4X magnification or greater) while applying your makeup as it helps you see and correct any errors.
For most of us, finding the perfect eye makeup for deep-set eyes is a daunting task. Although, if you learn and incorporate specific ways of applying makeup on your eyes, the task can be accomplished.

You don't have to be a seasoned makeup artist to apply flawless makeup. Just follow the tips and techniques mentioned in the article to accentuate those gorgeous deep-set eyes.
Makeup Tricks for Deep-set Eyes
In order to brighten your eyes, it is essential to perfect some makeup tricks. Take a look at the following step-by-step guide on how to apply makeup for deep-set eyes.
Eye shadow primer and brush
An eyelid primer should be applied before the eye shadow goes on. Following this simple, yet crucial step ensures that your eye makeup doesn't smudge, shift, or collect at the eye creases. Apart from this, it helps keep the makeup intact for a longer period of time, and create a smooth and even base while applying the eye shadow.
Tools Required
If you don't feel comfortable using a brush, it's alright; use the middle finger instead. Here are the steps on applying the primer correctly.

Step 1 - Take a small amount of primer on a clean eye shade brush.

Step 2 - Using gentle, long swiping strokes, start to apply the primer from the inner corner of your eye, coming outward. Only apply a single, even layer of primer.
Woman with healthy skin
Step 3 - Once the primer is on, let it dry completely before you move to the next part.
Concealer and brush
To brighten up a tired face, disguise dark circles, correct any discoloration, and/or cover up blemishes, a concealer is the perfect weapon. It is important to know that when you apply the color, it has to blend with your skin tone so that it doesn't seem obvious. So, make sure you choose the concealer from a good brand.
Tools Required
The concealer goes on prior to the foundation. So, first and foremost, clean and moisturize your skin before you begin. Also, select a shade that helps even out your skin tone. Here are the steps on applying the concealer correctly.

Step 1 - Load the brush with a little bit of concealer, and start from the inner corner of your eye.
Young woman
Step 2 - Dab the brush upward near the bridge of your nose. Then, dab downward, following the area below the bottom lid in a semi-circular shape.

Step 3 - Finally, use your ring finger to blend the concealer properly onto the skin. If you have oily skin, use a translucent pressed powder to set the concealer in.
Eye shadow palettes
The technique used to apply eye shadow will have a huge impact on how you appear. Since your brow bone extends farther out than your eye shape, we need to use an eye shadow to highlight the eyelids as much as possible.
Tools Required
Remember two essential points―avoid highlighting your brow bone and refrain from using extremely dark eye shadow directly over the eyelids. Here are the steps on applying eye shadow correctly.

Step 1 - Load the base shadow brush with a light, non-shimmery shadow, and apply a single, smooth layer along the corner of the lower lashes and over the eyelid.
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Step 2 - Load the blending brush with a slightly darker shadow, and sweep the color from the middle of the eyelid and going outward.
Female with healthy skin
Step 3 - Load the contour brush with a brighter (not necessarily darker) shadow, and sweep it at the outer corner of your upper lash line. Then, go out and upward toward the bottom edge of the brow bone.
Woman with healthy skin
Black eyeliner and pencil
Don't shy away from applying an eyeliner. Even though there are a hundred different eyeliner styles, there is a way to apply for deep-set eyes.
Tools Required
Choose either a pencil or a liquid eyeliner with a thin tip. Here are the steps on applying the eyeliner correctly.

Step 1 - Start from the middle (or a bit further in) of the upper lash line to apply a thin eyeliner. While putting on eyeliner, make sure that you keep it thin and closer to the lash line.
Female with healthy skin
Step 2 - If you want, use a pencil eyeliner to apply a thin line on the bottom lash line.
Lash Curler and Mascara
Black mascara and eyelash curler
A mascara always, always goes after you're done applying the eye shadow and eyeliner. Of course, there is no one way to apply mascara. However, there are a few tried and tested (plus, successful) ways to get it right. Plus, for women who aren't gifted with naturally-curled lashes, an eyelash curler is their refuge.
Tools Required
Here are the steps on using the lash curler and applying the mascara correctly.

Step 1 - Insert your lashes in an open curler, and gently pinch (and not pull) at the lash line.

Step 2 - Now comes the mascara. But first, take a clean tissue paper to wipe the wand to remove excess product off it. This helps eliminate clumps over your lashes.
Make up mascara
Step 3 - Hold the wand horizontally, and apply mascara as you pull your lashes inward (towards your nose); do this 3 times.
Young woman with healthy skin
Step 4 - Hold the wand horizontally, and apply mascara as you pull your lashes outward (away from the nose); do this 3 times. This step will help fan your lashes out.
Young woman with healthy skin
Step 5 - Finally, hold the wand diagonally and apply mascara across the bottom lashes.
Young woman with healthy skin
With so many things to remember, the entire process may leave you overwhelmed. Of course, not always do we have the time to sit in front of our mirrors and spend 10, 15, or even 20 minutes to apply makeup. However, once you get the hang of it, understand exactly how these techniques work, the total amount of time spent will reduce drastically.
Young woman with healthy skin
And ... this is what you get!
These basic guidelines were simply a stepping stone to successfully applying your makeup. Once you understand, and properly implement the techniques, you can then try to experiment with your makeup.