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We Bet You Didn't Know How to Apply Makeup in the Correct Order

How to Apply Makeup in the Correct Order
Learning the basics of makeup can transform you into a completely different person, provided you know how to make the right use of that beauty arsenal you own and adore so much. Let BeautiSecrets be your guide to putting on your makeup for that perfect look.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
"Personalized beauty is about each woman being able to create her own makeup routine that complements her coloring and style."
― Bobbi Brown
Majority of women look for makeup tips and application techniques that provide the "sparkle" without looking made up or overdone. The secret to this concept is finding that balance and understanding what looks good on you. Applying makeup doesn't have to be rocket science, and it's okay to not know all the tricks in the book.

Our goal is to help you find your signature makeup routine, and make you understand when to spruce it up every now and then for special occasions. The first step to flawless makeup application is using quality products from good brands. For everything else, we have compiled step-by-step makeup application tips below.
Makeup Chart in the Correct Order
You don't necessarily have to follow all the steps we're about to discuss below. Feel free to skip as many steps as you want depending on the amount of makeup you're comfortable with.
The Correct Order
  1. Face wash
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Foundation primer
Woman washing her face
Begin your makeup routine by washing your face thoroughly with a gentle face wash recommended for your skin type. If you have other skincare routine(s), you can do it now.
Woman Applying Moisturizer
Gently pat your face dry and apply a decent amount of moisturizer all over your face and neck area.
Woman applying sunscreen cream
In the same manner, apply sunscreen as well.
The next step is to apply a long-lasting foundation primer all over your face. With your fingertips, blend the primer evenly over the entire face until it feels dry to touch.
The Correct Order
  1. Foundation or BB cream
  2. Concealer
  3. Setting powder
Woman applying skin foundation on face
Always apply foundation before the concealer as the latter helps cover all your trouble spots, and won't appear heavy or cakey on your face. Sit in front of a magnifying mirror and apply your foundation all over your face and neck area in downward motions; not upward or circular motions.
Woman applying concealer on face
Next, using a concealer brush, apply a thin layer of concealer on your trouble spots; a.k.a. dark circles, blemishes, dark spots.
Woman applying face powder
Finally, take some translucent setting powder in a small cap and dip a foundation brush in it. Press, and not drag, the brush over your T-zone, along the nose and the sides, upper lip, and on the chin.
The Correct Order
  1. Eyebrow wax
  2. Eyebrow pencil
  3. Eyebrow powder
  4. Eyebrow highlighter
Eyebrows Waxing
In an upward motion, brush your eyebrows with a spooly brush. Dip an eyebrow brush in some eyebrow wax and sweep it across the eyebrows at least 2 ― 3 times; make sure you coat the eyebrows properly.
Woman Shaping Eyebrows
For arched or a more defined brows, use eyebrow pencil or a kohl pencil. The shade of the pencil needs to be the same as your brows; it can't be lighter or darker.
Dip the same eyebrow brush―no need to clean the brush―in eyebrow powder. The shadow color needs to be that of your natural eyebrow color. Using short and quick strokes, sweep the shadow over your eyebrows.

Use the spooly brush one more time to brush the brows in an upward motion. In the end, take some cream highlighter on your index finger and sweep it underneath the brows.
The Correct Order
  1. Eyeshadow primer
  2. Eyeshadow base
  3. Eyelid shadow
  4. Crease eyeshadow
  5. Under eye shadow
  6. Outer corner shadow
  7. Inner corner shadow
  8. Eyeliner
  9. Eyelash curler
  10. Mascara or False lashes
Girl Applying Eye Shadow
Don't be overwhelmed with the process of applying makeup to your eyes; just take every step one at a time, and you'll see how easy it actually is. First, we need to apply a single layer of eyeshadow primer with an eye shader brush or your middle finger. Work your way from the inner corner of the eye, going outward.

With a eyeshadow base brush, apply a single layer of base eyeshadow from the inner corner of the eye, going outward; similar to the primer.

Sweep eyelid shadow by loading an eyeshadow brush with some shadow; keep applying the shadow depending on how intense you want the color to appear.
Load a crease eyeshadow brush to apply a darker eyeshadow on the crease of your eye; start from the center of the crease, going outward and sweeping some shadow near the upper lash line. With the same brush and shadow, sweep a thin layer of under eye shadow as well.

With a contour brush, apply a brighter shadow to the outer corner of your upper lash line. Sweep the brush outward, and then going upward near the bottom edge of the brow bone. Apply the same bright shadow at the inner corner of your eye.
Woman applying eyeliner
Using either an eyeliner pencil, kohl pencil, or liquid or gel liner, apply eyeliner on your upper lash line and lower waterline/lash line.
Woman with eyelash curler
Finally, use the eyelash curler and mascara to make your eyes look bigger and your lashes fuller.
The Correct Order
  1. Lip balm
  2. Lip liner
  3. Lipstick
  4. Lip gloss
Woman Applying lip balm
Make sure your lips are clean and moisture-free before you begin. With your ring finger, apply lip balm.
Girl Applying Lip Liner
Using a pencil lip liner, draw an outline of your top and bottom lips.
Woman Applying Lipstick
Holding the lipstick at an angle, fill the entire lip area properly.
Woman Applying Lip Gloss
Finally, apply a sheer lip gloss over your lips to give it a glossy shine.
The Correct Order
  1. Bronzer
  2. Blush
  3. Contour
  4. Highlighter
Woman with make up brush
Doing the cheeks after the eyes and lips helps tie the whole makeup together. Depending on whether the makeup is strong or eye-catching at either place will give you an idea as to how intense you want the cheeks to appear. First, you need to apply the bronzer on your forehead, temples, bridge of nose, cheeks, chin, and jawline, respectively.

Whether you're using a cream or powder blush, apply it above the brow bone, on the temple, and the apple of your cheeks for best results.

Finally, you need to contour and highlight your face to complete the look. Doing so helps create dimensions in your face and makes it appear more alive, rather than made up.
After your entire makeup is applied, use a setting spray or finish spray to keep your makeup looking moist and intact for a long time.

As we mentioned earlier, you have the luxury to skip as many steps as you want. And truth be told, sometimes we just don't have the time to incorporate all these steps, even if we want to. In such cases, here's a breakdown on how you can look gorgeous without having to spend hours in front of the mirror.
Daytime Makeup
Daytime Makeup Order Chart
Nighttime Makeup Order Chart
Nighttime Makeup
The most essential information you need to remember is that makeup is a balancing act where you get to play up your best features. Always know what type of products work for your skin type and tone, and use it to your advantage. Understand the difference between daytime and nighttime makeup, and how it affects your overall appearance. Pick one feature (lips or eyes) to accentuate, and balance everything else around it.