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Lip Wrinkles

Lip Wrinkles

Nasty looking lip wrinkles begin to etch their way around the mouth and lips after a certain age. These wrinkles make the person look far older than he or she is. Although there are some treatments available to reduce the visibility of these lines, let's have a look at some precautionary measures.
Priya Johnson
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Wrinkles emerge as the skin gets thinner and with age we all know how thin the skin gets. The loss of collagen from the skin cells causes them to shrivel up, thereby, forming nasty wrinkles. One of the many wrinkles that plagues the face, causing many women to cringe are the terrible lip wrinkles. Lip wrinkles occur in the form of creases around the mouth, giving an older look to the person, especially if the lines are deep and numerous. Why so many women dread lip wrinkles is because unlike eye wrinkles, they make you look far older than your actual age. Thus, it is important to try to curb the onset of these dreadful lines that make many conscious.

Causes of Lip Wrinkles

Aging is one of the most prominent causes of lip wrinkles. Lips are very delicate parts of our body, which lose collagen content faster than other parts of the face or body. Wrinkles called perioral wrinkles around the mouth, are the first wrinkles to appear on the face. Upper lip wrinkles are mostly seen in people who do frequent threading and upper lip waxing. Threading and waxing pulls the skin loose, thereby giving rise to lip wrinkles. Some other factors contributing to formation of wrinkles are smoking, exposure to too much sun and even genetics. Some even say that people who drink straight from the bottle, pucker their lips and mouth often, thereby leading to formation of wrinkles over a period of time.

How to Get Rid of Lip Wrinkles

The cosmetic stores and outlets are flooded with all kinds of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle skin care products and topical applications, aiming to slow down the aging and wrinkling process. Injectable fillers, botox injections, lip resurfacing techniques, etc. are available for treating lip wrinkles. However, all these treatments can prove to be expensive on one's pocket. Thus, let us have a look at some natural ways to minimize the onset of wrinkles on the face and reduce their visibility.

Drink Lots of Water
Hydrating oneself is the key to prevent lip wrinkles from emerging on the face. In fact, this is the best lip wrinkle treatment available because it yields fruit without any side effects! Drink about 8 glasses of water everyday. Besides fading of lip wrinkles, your overall body health will also improve as time progresses. We often underestimate the effectiveness and power of the natural resources around us. If you find it difficult to drink such a lot of water, try consuming more fresh fruit juices, etc.

Stop Smoking
Lip wrinkles from smoking can be avoided by quitting smoking. Smoking has scores of side effects, which is why if you stop smoking a number of your problems will reduce. Think about it! You could avoid all those ugly lip wrinkles by saying no to smoking! It's a choice you have to make for yourself.

Use Lip Balms or Gels
Dryness results in shriveling up of cells around the lips, causing them to wrinkle. Keeping the lips moist and hydrated is important to prevent them from drying and wrinkling. Thus, one should get a lip balm or lip gel and apply it daily, even before going to bed. This keeps your lips moisturized and hydrated.

Avoid Upper Lip Waxing
Since upper lip threading or waxing pulls the skin of the upper lip a lot, frequent threading will conduce to lip wrinkles. To avoid this, it is better to have a permanent hair removal treatment done (laser treatment), so that one's upper lip skin will not have to be stretched and pulled every now and then. This will reduce the onset of wrinkles on the lips .

Regular Exfoliation
We all know how dead cells need to be cleared off from the skin periodically. Same goes for the lips as well. The lips have to be cleared of their dead cells every two weeks. Exfoliation will reveal the soft, beautiful skin beneath and will keep them moist and hydrated. To exfoliate your lips take some olive oil in a bowl and add some sugar to it. Add enough to form a paste and gently rub this paste onto the lips with a small piece of cloth in circular motions. Then slowly wash off the paste with tepid water and apply lip balm.

Getting rid of lip wrinkles once they have etched their way into your skin is difficult, so it's better you start taking precautionary measures while you are young. Drink lots of water, consume a healthy diet and keep your lips hydrated. An ounce of precaution is better than a pound of cure! Happy smiling!
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