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8 Makeup Tips and Tricks for Wide-set Eyes That Make a Difference

Makeup Tips and Tricks for Wide-set Eyes
Wide-set eyes are called so owing to the wide gap between the two eyes. You can choose to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, or decrease the appearance of a wide space between them using makeup. These makeup tips and tricks are sure to enhance the look of your peepers.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
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People with wide-set eyes tend to look at the broader perspective of life, and are known to be innovative thinkers who appreciate alternate views of life.
It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The distance between the eyes is what determines the eye set of an individual. Wide-set eyes are alluring, yet aloof, they are shockingly naughty, yet are known to reflect glamor and uncanny sexiness.
Identifying Your Set of Eyes
Identifying your set of eyes
The distance or the proximity of the eyes is what determines the set of your eyes. Normally, eyes are placed equidistant from each other implying that the distance between them is equal to the size of an eye placed in between the eye set. In some cases however, the distance of the eye is lesser than an eye, in which case, the individual is said to have close-set eyes. On the contrary, individuals with more than an eye distance between the set of eyes are said to have wide-set eyes.
Generally, individuals with wide-set eyes are said to have a wide nose ridge, which further divides the set of eyes from each other. Wide-set eyes are placed more than an eye width apart, unlike close-set eyes which are placed lesser than an eye-width apart.
Enhancing the Look with Makeup
Enhancing the look with makeup
Apply your base color to the entire lid, followed by a darker shade over the inner corner of the lids.
Wide set eyes final look
Use lighter shades on the outer lids, and blend the colors well. Complete the look with eyeliner as close to the inner corner than on the outer corner.
Maintain the brows
One of the most important aspects to keep in mind while enhancing the appearance of wide-set eyes is to maintain the shape of the eyebrow. It is essential that stray hair on the outer ends of the eyebrow be plucked to create the illusion of closer-set eyes. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrows closer to the nose ridge, thus eliminating the distance between the eyes.

Reverse highlighting
To make your eyes appear closer than they really are, you need to reverse the regular steps of applying eye makeup. Which means, you have to apply highlighter along the outer rims of your eyes, while going darker towards the inner corner.

Darker shadow on the inner corner
Reverse makeup tricks include applying darker shades of eye shadow closer to the nose ridge, while concentrating the lighter shades on the outer corners. As an unsaid rule, restrict darker eye shadows to the inner one-third corner of your eyes. Do remember to stop the darker shade before the crease line.

Sparkly colors to go over the outer corners
As a rule, use lighter shades or even sparkly shades to highlight on the outer corner of your eyes. Which means, you end up creating a shadow effect on the inner corner of your eyes, thereby visually reducing the distance between your eyes.

Define the inner corner of the eyes
The same rule applies while applying eyeliner for your eye lids. Always remember to stretch the line towards the nose ridge instead of the outer corner of the eye. This will help draw attention to the eye instead of the wide space between the eyes. To put it across rather bluntly, you can experiment with cat eyeliner, only concentrating on the inner corner instead of the outer corner.

Blend the makeup to create shadows
Use a smudge brush to feather the lower line towards the outer corner of your eye. The line will look harsh if it stops abruptly towards the center of the eye; soften the look by blending the liner outward. You're now the proud owner of a sultry, drop-dead gorgeous pair of wide-set eyes.