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Eyeliner for Brown Eyes

Eyeliner for Brown Eyes
When highlighted with the perfect eyeliner and other eye makeup, brown eyes can look exotic and beautiful. Choosing the perfect eyeliner for brown eyes can be really easy with these makeup tips for brown eyes.
Parul Solanki
Exuding the glow of earth's base color and having an aura of mystery and exoticism, brown eyes can be very expressive when highlighted with the right makeup. So for those girls who think brown eyes are drab and dull, think again.

In contrast to popular perception, there are many colors that suit those pretty eyes including shades of blue, gold, purple and green. This makes it quite easy to choose the perfect eyeliner, if your eye color is brown. Here is a look at some of the best eyeliner colors to add a visual pop to those mystic brown eyes.
Best Eyeliner Shades for Brown Eyes
Brown eyes can be accentuated with shades of slate blue, gray, navy blue, plum and not to forget black. Since brown is a neutral color almost all makeup shades can make those brown eyes stand out. However, eyeliners in golden browns, deep red plums, bronze, and other warm tones can make the eyes look softer and warmer. Even cool shades in turquoise, taupe, and dark metal grays provide a beautiful contrast for brown eyes, and thus look great.
Blue Eyeliners for Brown Eyes
Blue eye makeup remains the favorite trend among celebrities and on the runaway. Blue eyeliners are the perfect, and also the easiest way to make those brown eyes pop and embrace the blue trend. Some of the popular shades of blue for brown eyes are navy blue, turquoise, teal blue, and vibrant electric blue.
Blue eyeliner
Some of the best blue eyeliners are:
  • CoverGirl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil in Cobalt Blue
  • Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof in Flashy Blue (True blue with shimmer)
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in 7L (Turquoise blue)
  • Sonia Kashuk Eye Definer in Blue Jean (Navy blue with shimmer)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Deviant (Dark ocean blue with silver sparkle)
  • Nars Kitty Eyeliner (Rich sky blue)
Purple Eyeliners for Brown Eyes
Purple eyeliners are fabulous for brown eyes as they add vibrancy and beauty to the eyes without it looking over the top. Some of the best purple shades for brown eyes are eggplant purple, violet purple and purples with metallic sheen.
Purple eyeliner
Some of the best purple eyeliners that flatter brown eyes are:
  • L'Oreal HiP Violet Volt Chrome Eyeliner (Dark violet purple with metallic sheen)
  • Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eye Liner in Perfect Purple (Purple-plum with golden shimmer)
  • Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in Endless (Bright metallic purple)
  • MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bordeauxline (Eggplant purple)
  • MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in Rich Purple (Dark purple with reddish tones)
  • NYX Slide On Eyeliner in Purple Blaze (electric purple)
Green Eyeliners for Brown Eyes
Do you know that the Pantone color of 2013 is emerald? Shades of green have always been a makeup lover's favorite. No wonder you see an astounding variety of green eyeliners in the market. From bright chartreuse green, moss green, forest green and darkened olive green, this shade of eyeliners are just perfect for adding zing to the eye makeup. Tight line the eyes with a different shades of green to bring out the gold and amber flecks in brown eyes.
Green eyeliner
Some of the best green eyeliners for brown eyes are:
  • CoverGirl LiquiLineBlast Eyeliner Pencil in Green Glow (Bright chartreuse green with sheen)
  • Make Up For Ever #16L Aqua Eyes Liner (Grassy green with a slight sheen)
  • Bobbi Brown's Ivy Shimmer Ink gel eyeliner (Dark Emerald green)
  • Urban Decay Graffiti 24/7 Liner (Medium green)
  • NYX Slim Eye Pencil in Emerald City (Dark forest green)
  • Make Up For Ever #5L (Olive green)
Neutral Eyeliners for Brown Eyes
Neutrals are perfect for brown eyes and shades of black, gray and silver look fabulous. Black eyeliners are the all time favorite. However, dark gray liners are also a great alternative to the traditional black liners as they are less harsh than a stark black, and make the eyes pop especially when smudged out. White or silver eyeliners are used to define the inner corners of the eyes, or used on the waterline to make the eyes look bigger.
Macro Make Up
Some of the best neutral eyeliners that flatter brown eyes are:
  • Urban Decay Perversion 24/7 Liner (Blackest black)
  • MAC Feline Kohl Power (Rich dark black)
  • Bobbi Brown Black Kohl Eye Liner (Glossy black)
  • Urban Decay Dime 24/7 Liner (Metallic silver)
  • L'Oreal HiP Silver Lightning Chrome Eyeliner (Dark metallic silver)
Brown Eyeliners for Brown Eyes
If you want natural eye makeup and bigger brighter eyes, then try brown eyeliners. Medium dark browns with red undertones, metallic sheen and flecks of shimmer look beautiful on brown eyes. Copper brown and bronze eyeliners are also perfect for brown eyes.
Brown eyeliner
Some of the best brown eyeliners that flatter brown eyes are:
  • CoverGirl Brown Liquiline Blast (Dark brown)
  • Urban Decay Underground 24/7 Liner (Taupe brown)
  • MAC Brownborder Technakohl Liner (Medium-dark brown)
  • Chanel Brun-Cuivre (66) Precision Eye Definer (Copper Brown)
Eyeliners should be a staple in every makeup kit. They not only help accentuate the beauty of the eyes, but can also downplay some of the less attractive facial features. For selecting a liner for brown eyes you first need to determine your eye shade. This can include eyes which are dark brown almost bordering on black to medium brown, light brown to hazels. While darker eyes tend to work well with darker color highlights, medium-brown eyes look good with almost any eyeliner color. For the light-brown eyes, it is best to restrict the overtly dramatic makeup as it can end up overpowering the eyes instead of accentuating it.
How to Apply Eyeliner
Now that you know about which eyeliner colors look best on you, here is a step-by-step guide to applying the perfect eyeliner for the best effect.

Step 1: Before you can start with the eyeliner and mascara, make sure you have got all the other eye makeup done. Stand in front of the mirror and apply the eyeliner using a steady hand. If you are doing it for the first time then the best way to steady your hand and avoid shaking is to rest your elbow on the table.

Step 2: For applying eyeliner to eyelid, pull your eyelids taut and in one fluid stroke, draw a line keeping the eyelid's natural curvature in mind. Extend the liner from the inner corner of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eyelid just above your lashes. You can either keep the line consistently thin across the eyelid or thicken it at the outer eyelid ends.

Step 3: In addition to your upper lids, you can also choose to apply the eyeliner as a line on a larger part of the lower lid. For a smoky effect, gently smudge the line.

Some Special Tips
  • While stopping the liner just at the corner of your eyes may make them look wide and round, sweeping them longer for the Cleopatra look can add an exotic touch to your eyes.
  • For a natural effect, smudge the edges of the liner.
  • For a perfectly straight line you can paint a few dots on the lash line and then join them.
  • For small close-set eyes opt for a thin, intense liner.
  • Wide-set eyes can be emphasized by highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. Similarly emphasize the outer corners of close set eyes for best results.
Light pinks and mauve are absolute no-no for brown eyes. They can make your eyes look swollen and puffy. This could be because most women with brown eyes tend to have yellow skin tone thus making them warm complexioned. The cool shades of pink and purple can contrast heavily with this skin tone. When applying the eyeliner make sure that you are working with an extremely thin brush. For lining the lower lids try using a pencil eyeliner to avoid smudging. So what are you waiting for? Be it navy blues, forest green, violets or copper, take your pick and choose what you think is the best for producing the glamorous best in you.