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Things to Know About Eye Creams with Vitamin K

Utterly Important Things to Know About Eye Creams With Vitamin K

This BeautiSecrets article deals with how eye creams containing vitamin K work for people that are looking to get rid of dark circles. Read on to know how these creams work, and what to look out for when buying one.
Dr. Sumaiya Khan
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
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The eyes are one of the most stressed parts of the body. And the fact that they are clearly visible and are one of the first parts of the body that tend to show any kind of stress doesn't exactly help. So, people tend to resort to measures like using heavy eye makeup to camouflage the dark circles and the crow's feet that they tend to get.
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However, these are merely palliative efforts, and are not permanent solutions to the problem. If you have problems like dark circles which add ten years to your age, then you need to take some concrete action.
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There are many eye creams out there which can help to improve the appearance of the eye. One interesting development that has been seen in eye creams is the availability of ones that contain vitamin K. These are specially targeted at those looking to rid themselves of dark circles. How do these vitamin K enriched creams help the eye? Let's find out.
How Does Vitamin K Cream Work?
When one speaks about the eye, the vitamin that comes to mind is vitamin A. Deficiency of vitamin A leads to a condition known as night blindness. So, how does vitamin K fit into the picture? Well, this is a cream that is to be applied topically around the eyes, to get rid of puffiness and dark circles under eyes.
It is said that vitamin K works wonders for dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin K is involved with clotting of the blood. Dark circles appear around the eyes due to accumulation of blood under the skin of the eyes, which is very thin and delicate. The weak and damaged blood vessels lead to the appearance of dark circles. 
When vitamin K eye cream is directly applied to these areas, it helps to work on these broken capillaries and repairs them, thus reducing the appearance of dark circles. This is the reason why creams enriched with vitamin K are also often used over areas where there are bruises or after surgical procedures to hasten the healing.
How to Choose the Best Vitamin K Cream for Your Eyes?
You need to, however, understand that despite the various benefits of vitamin K, it is not some kind of miracle cure, for under-eye circles. When buying an eye cream, try to see whether there are other ingredients present which will help in this condition.
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Eye creams with vitamin K and retinol will work better than eye creams that have only vitamin K. These creams usually contain other agents, like kojic acid, vitamin C, licorice extract, and compounds that are aimed at skin lightening.
When looking out for the best eye cream, you should go for one that doesn't just remove the dark circles, but also gets rid of the sagging and puffiness around the eyes. These creams work best to reduce the signs of aging associated with the eyes, especially if you happen to be using retinol and vitamin K eye cream.
While many of us tend to doubt the efficacy of these creams, research and reviews show that if used for a considerable period of time these creams can produced the desired result. However, it is important to note that just the mere topical application of even the best under eye creams will be futile if not backed by a healthy lifestyle.
You need to ensure that your diet is healthy, as the intake of an adequate amount of vitamin K will also help your cause. Furthermore, seven to eight hours of sleep on a daily basis is also essential to keep dark circles and signs of aging at bay. Finally, a little bit of regular eye care will go a long way in preventing the onset of dark circles.